Random Question

Hi fellow forumites,

I found this forum a few days ago and have been having a great time reading all the contained wisdom not to mention pouring over the pics. I am interested in getting a 24in uni when $$$ permit looking around the internet new ones can be had for between $150-$180 which I think is pretty good.

Anyway on to the reason for my post. As I said I have been reading lots from all your posts here and today I was out driving when a totally random thought came to me. Would it be possible to attach a tag along bike to the seat post of your unicycle and actually ride it with your child on the back? I’m guessing you would need to be using the handlebars that I have seen on some uni’s to get the weight distribution right & you’d need to lean the uni over to get on as the tag along would be in the way but I think it would be possible. The little guy pedals which would help a bit although he can coast as well.




Welcome to the forums becker!

Since you can’t coast on a unicycle, any pedaling done by the tag along “bike” will be forced upon the uni rider.
Braking would be difficult.

Have you ridden a bike with a tag along attached? It’s been a while for me, but if I recall, there are some sideways forces as the tag along rider leans.
I think you’re right, handlebars would be required… but I think a steerable wheel might also be.

How would you stop and keep the contraption from falling over? On a bike, you step off and hold the handlebars right in front of you.
Better not UPD! :astonished:

Probably the most worrisome part of it for me is the tag along rider’s safety, especially since that’s probably a child. Having two brakes, reliable/strong steering, and a freewheel seems like a good idea.

Hi MuniOrBust thanks for the welcome.

I must confess I’ve never ridden a “regular” bike with a tag along and it wasn’t something I was seriously considering doing but I guess after seeing all the mods you guys make to your uni’s my imagination got a little carried away. Of course if it were possible I’d love to see the look on my sons (8yrs) friends faces as we arrived at school in the morning! How popular would he be? Would be just as big a hit if we both arrived on our own uni’s I imagine.

I guess it was a continuation from thinking about how cool it would look if you could attach a bob yak trailer to a 39’er for the commute to work. Of course the pedals preclude that from being possible

I guess that’s the beauty of imagination though you get to enjoy it regardless of the practicalities.:smiley:

I see bikes with the tag-along trailers all the time on the bike path. I’ve been temped to say a variation of what I sometimes say to tandem riders – “One and a half wheels each!” :slight_smile:

I always notice that the tag-alongs tend to lean to one side or the other. Also, any time you UPD from the uni, it’s likely to crash the back half, or at least end in it tipping over as you try to hold onto your seat.

Without having tried it, my guess is that it would be doable, but would be a pain in the ass. Way hard for the unicyclist, and possibly annoying and slightly dangerous for the “stoker”.

I recommend just riding him on your shoulders until he can ride himself. :smiley: