random question :o

I was trying to make a post…and after clicking changing screens, and coming back 3 times to reclick submit, I realized there is now a ‘Random Question’ that I need to answer…this new to the forum??

Yes, it was added to help cut down on the amount of spam that has surfaced on the board recently.

It’s new.

Btw in case anyone wants to know, the answers the the questions that I’ve had are montreal, air and wheel.

Please be aware that these questions are offered in English, whatever language settings you chose. So at local forums people may be driven off because of lacking English skills.
If you forward me a list of questions I am happy to help translating them to German for providing German versions in the “Deutsches Einradforum” and/or when a user switches the language settings to German.

So far it seems to be helping :slight_smile:

For experienced riders it seems like the answers are no brainers, but what about someone who has never ridden and is looking for info to start, will they know the answers?

Well the only question I’ve had so far is WYOW, and I think the newbies will get that joke instantly :stuck_out_tongue: However I’ll keep my eye out for questions I don’t know the answer to! :smiley:

By the way, +1 to FINALLY doing something to combat spam!

I think that the question “where’s your other ______” might be tough for some newbies to answer, but it made me laugh…

After reading these posts, I think one random question that needs to be utilized is, "Who should I not second guess on this forum?’

So you think that the answer would be “Harper”?

Hey Harper, I didn’t know your wife was a forum member :stuck_out_tongue:

Well it seems that the random question doesn’t block all the spam yet:

still its much better than it was a few days ago

its not as annoying as a capcha either

Maybe if you can’t answer those basic questions, and you’re that much of a newbie, then probably your question has already been asked, like “what size wheel”,“how long to learn” etc. If that’s the case, there’s no need to post a new question, except perhaps for trading post, or just introducing yourself.

a unicycle wheel is filled with?

the tube or tire is filled with air, or, we should say. Gas…cuz it could be helium or hydrogen or water :astonished:

the wheel is filled with…spokes and hub? :smiley:

The answer is air, oddly enough.

that was my second answer, my first was spokes :frowning:

I thought it was hopes and dreams.

But there’s a lot of air between the spokes. Even more air than spokes considering volume. So air should be a valid answer.

Anyway, who made up these questions? Gilby?

I think he did.