Random Purchasing Question

I stripped my cranks and pedals and need to replace them. I guess im going to get 114mm Qu-Ax Lightweight Alloy Crank Arms. However, I am not sure what kind of pedals to get.

Also, I have a 24 inch torker DX and was trying to figure out what I want to add on with it. I would like a handle and a brake. WHat do you guys recomend and is it hard to install a brank and seat handle?

Are you planning to put those qu-ax cranks on the DX? I don’t believe they will fit and 114mm is going to be really short for a 24" depending on what kind of riding you want to do.

Yeah, what uni are the 114’s for?

I have no idea how you would instal a brank, but a brake is easy:p

I don’t like the DX seat. I have a Nimbus gell that is much more comfortable and a KH fusion freeride that’s supposed to be here tomarrow. I think that’s gonna be the best of the three for distance and muni. The DX pedals are cheep, you’ll prob break them soon, so start looking at what to upgrade too. I’m looking at these Tioga’s. I like the very wide surface area they have. Also, eventually a cf seatbase (much stiffer)

I have no idea when tomarrow is but I know when tomorrow is.

as far as my experience goes…the DX cranks fit the Quax hub real tight, but not the other way around. be careful what you do w/ that setup. it probably won’t work out all that well.

you can’t physically strip out cranks and pedals at the same time unless you thread them backwards. figure it out, and if they were good enough pedals just get the spindles replaced?(don’t know the pricing)

Sorry, i should really proof read my posts and make sure im clear.

The Cranks are for my 20 inch Nimbus freestyle.

The BRAKE is for my Torker DX 24 inch.

ahh that makes sense. :smiley: :smiley: