Random Links for beginners (Unicycle)

Well, here is a link to some common brands of uni’s. This is handy for us beginners.

And, this link is to a neat article on speed, and gears, and wheel sizes. This helps us beginners to appreciate all the hard work of others, who blazed a trail ahead of us. Back in the 1960’s and 1970’s most uni’s were NOT as tough as the modern ones. We bought an early 1970’s Schwinn, with the Pinned crank arms. Well, it needs new pins now!

Some of the hardest to learn things was that Unis share only a few things with Bicycles. Spokes, yeah, Rims, yes, but tougher ones. Hubs, yeah, but all one piece, and much tougher. Pedals, yeah.

A uni is just a tougher unit than a bike. (Except for the 50.00 ones on ebay right now!) But, they still have one pc hubs.

My sons new Nimbus Uni came today. He is in uni Heaven!

I am totally amazed at the whole world of uni’s.

Please post links in this thread, for beginners. Stuff that will help us get our minds wrapped around this great (new to us) sport.


you suggested me good link was planning to gift ma son a uni on his birthday thanks bro :roll_eyes: