ran into someone who can ride

Yesterday I was riding in a remote area of a nearby park. I saw a man
enjoying himself with flying a radio-controlled model airplane. It was
a hang-glider of about 5 ft span, propelled by a propeller (sic) and a
small electric motor. While riding toward him, I watched the model
plane. Luckily I did, because it only made a very soft whirr, but
while making a bend it was on collision course with my head. So I
jumped off the unicycle and ducked to the ground. The plane made
another circle and then crashed not-too-badly.

The man walked up to me and apologised, saying he hadn’t seen me. He
produced the usual small-talk like “That must be difficult” and then
continued “You know, I can ride such a thing.” I said “Oh yeah? Wanna

Well, he couldn’t freemount but he successfully wobbled for about 30
ft along the 1 - 2 ft wide trail, then amazed me even further by
riding the best part of it backward. He said he’d ridden since his
youth (I’d guess he was in his 40’s now), and still sometimes did, in
and around the house. But he gave away being basically a “closet” type
rider, if only by telling me that he’d once seen someone who could
even ride with one foot on the pedal and the other foot in the air.
And whether I had ever seen such a trick.

I was too baffled to ask for his address or phone, so that maybe we
could go for a ride some time. Anyway, I just wanted to share the
story here.

Klaas Bil

and u didn’t mention to him that u could fly a model aeroplane?

when our juggling club did the circus school thingy at the festival a couple of weeks back, we had a bunch of kids wanting to try out the uni’s
we gave them the basics and helped them until they lost interest and went of to go look for something easier
eventually we decided not to leave the uni’s for anyone to try
one kid came to me and asked if he could ride one
turns out he was in school in zambia and his school had one uni lying around and since he didn’t take some class, he ended up having a free period and asked the school if he could learn to uni during that time
he didn’t have his own uni and wanted some info on where to get etc

how he ended up in Warmbaths i never found out

the riders are out there

Many words? More thought!