Ramp Building

I need help building ramps with just pallets. Can you guys post how to build them?

why do you want to build ramps?
they are not really effective for unicycles.
seriously look at some north shore stuff if you want to build something you can ride on your uni.

North Shore Stuff?

google is your friend…

I have found a total of zero results so far.

Use more than JUST pallets. Try making some trials stuff.

Again, as previously posted, regular skateboard/bike/scooter ramps aren’t very effective for unicycles.


unless you are incredible on the bc wheel(hmm, mebbie Even…)

watch videos and look at what people have built…stack things on top of eachother…
use your carpentry skills and nail things together…dig holes for 2x4s and then nail 2x4s across them…

North shore uni

Search “Kris Holm” om you tube. The free ride clip has him riding north shore.


awesome trials course…

Actually, a ramp can be helpful for big drops to help you roll out, where without the ramp you would be dropping to flat, or worse, a reverse slope! Of course I’m not talking about Muni stuff, but like my example below. I made a wood ramp about 4’ long X 2’ wide, and about 5" on the high end.

I needed it because the pallets in my backyard are stacked to over 5’ high, and I needed the ramp so I could better roll out of the drop, instead of landing in the soft grass and sinking in it!:smiley: It will also come in handy for some tall structures I find throughout the city that otherwise would also be a drop to flat.

That trials course was amazing.