Raising Unispin height

I was wondering how I would go about doin this? I would like to learn to do flat land hickflips. I can off a 4" ledge minimum.

Thats strange, when you normally unispin do you pick it up off the ground? You don’t need more air time for a hickflip than a normal rolling unispin.

Yeah I can’t do a high rolling unispin for shit either. I can most times on flat land but find it hard. And the flip in my hick flips are different than my crankflips. Its hard to explain but when I do a hick flip its just stomping down on the pedal while rolling and then popping a unispin. It’s the same way I do back crankflips which are about 2/3 of my normal crankflip hieght.

Maybe try to change your hickflip technique. I don’t stomp down when I hick, it is more like swiping my foot back as I unispin. If you stomp it straight down then try to unispin after I can see how it would hard to get off the ground.

This is how I do it (this is up the curb). It probably won’t help but I was bored.

Oh I see thanks soooo much spencer:D