Raising money for Movember

I thought you may all be interested in a little item (yes very small!) on ebay. It is a 4cm scupltured juggling unicyclist. They were made by Alan Marsh who is a member of Durham City Jugglers and has donated them to help raise money for Mike Bridge’s Movember appeal. You can find the item on ebay.

This is actually quite a task as Mike is currently undergoing chemotheropy! His tash is just about holding in there. So please either bid on the knight or donate directly to Mike on his Movember appeal page.


image of knight

oops forgot to add image of the knight!


T’were my bank account full of GBPs, I’d readily donate… but I fear some conversion fee would reduce my effectiveness!

Being a proud owner of a healthy set of twig and berries, I’m Mo-vembering myself, and will donate to the cause here in the US.

Prostate and testicular cancers are both on the rise amongst otherwise healthy males… we must band together and defeat this scourge on our little soldiers!

Fellers, open your wallets and give. Until Dec 31st, Safeway is doing a dollar-for-dollar match of all donations to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Go to http://www.pcf.org and click the “Dollar Match” icon on the right.

For a broader impact, donate at the American Cancer Society: http://www.cancer.org/


I love the sculpture! But the eBay page seems to be set up only for shipping to the UK. If he/you can set one up for US/international shipping, at least one is sold right here. :slight_smile:

Ebay is not letting us put it up with International postage on this one. We have 2 of them to put up; so we will put the second one up with international postage.


only just over an hour to go on the first one. The second one which has the international shipping on it is up and running.