Rainy weekend riding

I spent last weekend hitting the trails near my house with my boys.
The older one (age 8) just learned to freemount his 20" on Friday and now rides his unicycle to school (1.2 kms) every day - even today in the pouring rain!
The younger one (age 6) has a 16" Torker and is still learning to ride.


You guys must get a great reaction when you ride together in public. “Here comes that Uni-family!” heh. So cool! :smiley:

That’s great, I love seeing the little ones riding! He looks fearless, haha. I’m sure you’re proud. Nice rain song. :wink:

Great free mounting skills. Darn they learn fast at that age.

Tell me about it! He learned to freemount in 20 minutes and has since started doing 8" drops, stalls and simple hops!
Riding 1.4 kms to school every day with his backpack on is really helping his riding.

Thanks, I am proud. He wants to get out and ride at every opportunity. I have to convince him to stay around the house so his younger brother is able to practice uni with us!