Rainy Day Riding - a uni movie I made today

I was riding around my house today, and it started raining. So I kept riding, and eventually got my camera. I edited it into a nice, 2 min 45 sec movie.

I call it:


It has rail riding (while it’s raining), some grinding, and some street moves.

Hope ya like it.


If the gallery is for some reason down, then get it from my site:
http://www.unicyclejester.com/albums/uni/rainy_day_riding_by_riegel3.wmv (NOTE: only get it from here if you have to, I don’t have a whole lotta bandwidth.)



Nice Vid. I find it funny that, other than you and the ground being wet, the rain is almost unnoticeable from our end… But nice riding!!! It rained like mad here to, but since we’re in the mountains it was mega cold… My favorite crash(and more than likely not yours) was the unispin fall. I did like the rail setup you had. Well done.

Very nice Jess, although rail riding in the rain seems really dangerous, you some how pull it off. Nice work.


You put on those gloves like your going to operate :smiley:

I like the mid-air turn around into 2 more turn arounds …

and … your dog giving you a kiss for support :slight_smile:
Hope your ankle feels OK


Oh … and whats the name of the music …?

Nice vid. The most impressive things, IMHO were the rail riding and the one foot WW. I have no experience standing, but I know 1 foot WW is much harder on a wet wheel.

And rail riding is much more difficult on a slick rail. If that was a round railing it would have been like impossible.

Nice work again Jess. I like the stand-up WW - looks way hard.


Wow, you’re a lot braver than me. No way I would have tried rail riding, wheel walking, unispins, or anything else in the rain. It would be suicide.

Did your crank arm get stuck on the rail in that one scene? I hate it when that happens.

Awesome, I loved the stillstand on the rail to rail ride to stillstand.


Yes, your standup wheel walking is definitely better than mine! Cool ramp move with the grinding rail.

I’m trying to figure out your choice of when to wear a helmet and when not to though. Seems like doing stuff like that, in the rain, is a better time than when we’re practicing in a parking lot…

Good thing you had the leg protection on though!

1 foot wheel walking is hard, its even harder getting into it without a black poll :wink:

Walking the wheel one footed is easy once you learn how to walk the wheel normally. Then the fun begins, walk the wheel one footed downhill into a glide and just keep goin. once ya got that, grab a small tarp on a windy day and parasail that mess, its a blast.

Music is Riot Grrrl by Le Tigre

Yeah, crank arms getting stuck happens.

When I started riding, I was behind my house on the grass riding the other rail I have (zack’s old one). Then is started raining, and I moved over to the pavement. When I’m at home, many times I’ll just fart around without all the gear. That is pretty stupid though. But I’m pretty good at knowing what to attempt with the gear I have on. I wan’t very nervous about the rain, it really wasn’t that bad. Whenever I go out for ride somewhere, I ususally ALWAYS wear a helmet. For some reason it’s like in a different category when I just go behind my house.

Glad you guys enjoyed it.



nice riding. stand up wheel walk and rail riding were impressive x9, and in the rain is just madness. good work.

send me some footage when you have the chance. i feel there’s a good possibility i could edit my unicycling film soon. pm me if you’re at all ready with any footage, otherwise there’s still time…

and andrew, did you send anything? same goes for you…


edit: btw i’m thinking the next 2-4 weeks i could start editing depending on whether dan is coming here to film or not. thanks. you guys are awesome.

wow, only last weekend I was ridding the exact same rail type thing. It’s funny cause i remember flipping it aswell just like you did in the movie.

Anyways, good stuff.

the rail just cracks me up. its like it has a personality of its own.:stuck_out_tongue:

I love you.

sweet man…pink totally is the new black!


most excellent!

love the vid

I was practicing 1 foot ww in the rain last night and I feel really hard right on my ass. Had I tried to stand up and do so (awesome, Jess), I’d of killed myself for sure. Don’t know how your feet were sticking on that wet tire???