Raining - but riding anyway

I just rode my old trusty 24’’ with a new 2.125 Kenda tire in the rain and it seemed a little slippery but not uncontrollable.- see the following thread for pics of the tread:

Anyone know the best tire pressure to use when it’s raining - or does it not matter?


tire pressure?

By-the-way, I’m riding on pavement…

What part of Washington are you from?

The main difference with wet riding is some surfaces, like really smooth cement, bricks, metal, wood, etc. can get pretty slick. Your feet may also be more likely to slip on the pedals depending on the type of pedal you have.

I would think a higher pressure/harder tire would be more likely to slip.

To avoid slippiness, you should lower the tire pressure a little. If it’s a whee bit flatter on the bottom, it’ll grip the ground much better. don’t let out tooo much air, or it’ll be hard to ride.

Tire pressure in the Rain

(What part of Washington are you from? )

I live in Spokane (Eastern Washington).

Thanks for the suggestions - A little less pressure makes sense. Some streets, around here, are a slick as pig poop when wet.