rain + uni + puddles = FUN!

Yesterday I started my normal Saturday 10 mile ride at my normal time, 10:00 am. Everything was going normally until about five miles in. That’s when the rain started. I haven’t been riding as much as I’d like lately so I made the decision to keep on riding, and what a fun ride it was. Despite having 127mm cranks on my 26er, slippery shoes, a very slick tire, and being caught completely off guard by the rain, I had a wonderful ride and only 1 UPD. I intentionally rode only on the flat areas for fear that having to use extra torque climbing and descending hills would case me to slip.

Before long I was looking for puddles to ride through. I got a lot a strange looks from people running for cover and even rode past a bung of road bikers hiding from the rain under a public park restroom. At the end of the ride, I saw some college students running and diving into some huge puddles in the grass at a local park. One particular puddle was more then 6 inches deep, 10 feet wide, and about a hundred feet long. I took a closer look and decided that I could ride it. After building up some speed, I hit the puddle and sent a rooster tail up. Cheers erupted from the students.

It was a great ride. I don’t think I will allow a bit of rain to stop me from riding again.


Re: rain + uni + puddles = FUN!

Especially in Hawaii where the rain is warm.

Re: rain + uni + puddles = FUN!

“Fear is not an option.” quoted from True Lies;)