RAIN, How Do You Cope?

It has rained here every day this summer. I kid you not.
My Coker has rust around the spokes and in a few other places, as well it should ; it has been ridden through many puddles and one swollen creek. The brand new Pashley 29er has yet to be christened on a trail, and has only been on sidewalks and gravel roads. Rides have been scheduled by the look of the clouds, if I am lucky I get home before the torrents begin. The bike trails are swill and overgrown with …wildflowers!
So how do you guys cope? Do you wear rainsuits, stay home and chill, or take advantage of the weather and go canoeing? Enquiring mind wants to know.
Yes, I am itchin’ to try out that 29er.

Where are you from? How to deal with rain depends on where you’re at. In some places the rain is warm and other places the rain is cold so you’ll want to dress differently.

Ask at a local bike shop about how to keep your unicycle from rusting. Things like car wax and bike frame wax can help protect against rust. There are also specialized bicycle frame protectants like Frame Saver by J P Weigle (your local bike shop should know about it). Keep the bolts and nuts greased so they don’t rust. Bearings will wear out faster in the wet so check your bearings more frequently. Pedals also need more TLC when ridden in wet conditions.

One of the beauties of unicycling is that both hands are free to hold an umberella.

As for rust it’d probably be a good idea to set aside an old towel and dry the uni immediately on arriving home.

As I understand it, WD40 stands for “water displacement formula #40” that the WWII scientists developed to keep the old planes from rusting as they sat out in the open.

Just spray it on and let it dry. Of course that was 50 yrs ago. There could be some newer solution.

OPTION #2: Road Trip. Go (come) visit some of your forum pals. Where are you?

As long as you can stay warm (seldom a problem when riding a unicycle) and as long as you don’t mind your clothes getting wet and muddy (ditto!), then riding in the rain presents few problems.

Whether it’s fun, of course, depends on the severity of the rain, whether it’s also windy, and on your own attitude.

You will find that you get worse chafing around the seat area. Ahem!

Waterproof clothing is probably a waste of time, but it’s a good idea to have a change of clothes available in the car (if you drive to the start of the ride) and a woolen jumper/sweater in your pack for when you stop.

As for the uni, WD40 was designed as a water dispersant, and does the job well. Towel off the worst of the water when you get home, and store the uni in a well ventilated dry space (e.g. your living room ;0) ).

You mean you don’t sleep with your uni? poor uni…

Hi Carjug. It has rained on my side of the mountain ALMOST every day too!

What do I do. I just go on and ride. I try not to ride in lightening, but if your out there, you still have to get back to your starting point. I really like riding in the rain. Some of my most memorable rides, on uni and bike, have been in the rain.

I do not like getting the bottoms of my feet wet while uni-riding. However, it really doesn’t seem to affect my feet to pedal stick-a-bility. My next uni will have pedal pins.

I have never tried the umbrella while uni-riding. I think we uni’s look cool riding in the rain. :smiley: I do agree with the previous poster who recommended having dry clothes for as soon as you stop. I always take an extra shirt to slip into, because I ALWAYS HAVE A WET SHIRT when I stop riding, Rain or No Rain! --chirokid–

That sort of thing would only cause jealousy; I have 8 unicycles. Think of me as a unimormon.

That’s a lot of great suggestions, I’m definetly doing the umbrella thing for the comic value alone, and the unis will get waxed.
I live in the mountains of western North Carolina, moonshiner territory. The clouds are building up even as I type, soon the mud supply will be replenished and all the dry wells of last summer will yeild once again. It looks like a good day for Cokering on a back road! carjug

seeing as how after 30 mins I am soaked head to toe from sweat, I welcome being equally as wet with cool refreshing rain.

Iv seen people wear wetsuits while riding. it seemed to work rather well, although it didnt look so good.


… in the Summer sun!