Rain Gear

I was wondering if anyone had a favorite type of rain gear for unicycling. I have some Frogg Toggs but they are terrible as the pants developed a hole in the seat after two mountain bike rides. Is there any way to protect the shoes (5.10 high impact)? Do you just get drenched and let it all dry out? This is for commuting, where I don’t get as sweaty as when I ride off road.

Showers Pass

Not this weekend.

We just picked up some of these: http://marmot.com/spring_2009/womens/outerwear/shells/womens_precip_jacket - just the jackets, though, so I can’t testify about the durability of the pants.

For shoes I use Nikwax, works well. Not saying it’s better than any other similar product, was just the one I happen to find first when shopping for that kind of thing:

“Showers Pass” is a brand of rain gear. I’ve got a set of commuter rain gear from them. This will be my second winter in them. I like how they have endured daily usage, upds, and how the zippers still work and keep out most of the water.

The pockets and other features work out real good for me. Search for reviews on them. Crazyguyonabike had a review posted.

I can comment on the Marmot pants, I own a pair, actually bought a second pair:

after maybe 5-800km of riding wearing the marmot pants (which are the same kind of material, nylon with some kind of semi-breathable membrane under them, they have held up pretty well, but the crotch is starting to wear out from rubbing against the seat and my leg, so that area is no longer waterproof. I can’t re-tape the seams since the material is actually peeling off the nylon!

I got a second pair because they’re super-light, and a year+ use out of them is pretty much what I expected. A rain shell should get much less abuse and last much longer.

as for shoes, for now I am just putting up with wet feet, though I really should get some real shoes and waterproof them.

in the end though, if you’re riding for more than say 45 minutes to an hour, it doesn’t really matter what you have on, you’ll get wet, if not from rain, from sweat inside your non-breathable rain gear (that is required to not get wet when out in the rain for 45+ minutes) Your skin is waterproof, wear some quick-dry clothing or carry an extra pair of pants in a dry bag in your backpack when you commute to change into when you arrive.

for long distance touring I have an ultralight 20-litre dry bag for things that shouldn’t get wet - sleeping bag foremost among them, clothes a close second. riding all day in a torrential downpour you’d be amazed at how drenched everything that isn’t in a sealed ziploc or drybag will get… gonna chalk that ipod touch up to experience.

I like their rain pants also. I did not finf the older reviews that also rated the rain pants by “Showers Pass”. The pants fit a little big for room to move in and are a heavier material than the jacket.

I was out in the mud riding today and got my 5.10’s covered in mud top to bottom. I hosed them off at home, tossed 'em in the wash and they are like new afterwards.

Wow, I’m a smart one:o. I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. I never heard of this brand of gear (obviously). Thanks for this. And thanks to everyone for the suggestions. Now I have some more ideas to put on my list for Santa (which I will need today:D:D).


Take advantage of your one-wheeled status and go for the option that is denied to other cyclists- the brolly :slight_smile:

Ok, how about keeping it simple. How well does an umbrella work for a short commute? What else are you going to do with your hands?


I have showers pass elite gear, as hot and sweaty as muni is I couldn’t imagine wearing it. I would die of heat stroke even at freezing temps

I wouldn’t bother with rain gear and MUni. I’m not sure how much off road I will do in the rain anyway. Most trails are closed to bikes and horses when they’re wet.

Somewhere, I have a picture of me riding while carrying an umbrella (brolly?). I’m not sure I want to carry it for the six or eight miles to work. Might be fun with a tail wind though.

Rain should not stop play. Riding on muddy trails adds to the fun. You can not avoid it in the UK… if you ride Muni in the UK in the winter (well summer as well) you get wet/muddy.

I get cold easily and have a collection of wet weather gear, but most of it is designed to keep me warm rather than dry.

For moderate rain/mud I wear 2 layers of legging and a gortex top. This allows you to strip the gear off at the end of the ride and put it in a plastic bag… hence leaving your car clean.

For heavy rain and cold I do have some lined waterproof cycling trousers. I then add muli layers on my top.

When on tours and longer rides I do have a cape that I bought in China, it is designed for motorcycles. It covers my arms and camelback. It is great… as long as it does not get windy. The picture is from Roz’s blog.


I normally don’t worry about getting wet and I typically don’t get cold. However, I recently changed job and I now work close enough to be able to commute by bike, unicycle or even jogging. I shower and change clothes when I get to work. I got myself some rain gear for cycling and I think the most useful things for me are the shoe covers but I can’t see using those for unicycling especially with pinned pedals. Shoe protection like Nikwax seems like a great idea if it works. Does it really keep your shoes dry? I really don’t want to get into wet shoes for my commute back home!

Rain wear

Speedo and a cowboy hat!

For the shoes, I use my regular ones with something like this to cover them:

Most of the sole is uncovered so you’re not losing much grip on the pedals, and it keeps the feet dry.

If you have metal pins on your pedals, does the strap at the bottom of those shoe covers get chewed up?