rails and hops

this past week i got back into hopping. it’s been a while because i messed up my knee.

unfortunately, my knee is a lil sore again from all this hopping, but not near as bad as it was last time. i think it’ll be ok. it just has to get strong again.

heres a lil mini vid, also with my new kodak zi8

Cool video ! You’re improving really fast

Dude, even on the gliding your left hand is bent :stuck_out_tongue:

You got massive hops now. Thank for putting some music this time. You should start doing trial lines rather than just sidehop or rail riding, it would make your videos much more enjoyable.

LOL, i didn’t even notice that. the thing i thought was funny during the gliding was the constant throwing my right arm down to turn haha.

nice video, you got good :wink:
and btw awesome qualitiy :astonished:
and i like the fat kid at 0:07 so much XD

thanks, and yeah i was amazed by the quality for just a lil pocket camcorder

and yeah he was funny, lol :p, i actually wish i had gotten him outta the vid, but oh well lol

Nice vid… gives an old man something to shoot for.