Rails and Bails!

This is a mini video, i decided to make it cause ive had old footage piling up and i can do better than most of it so i made a vid out of everything i had. The rail at the end is a 14 set, i hit my pedal going up onto it and i fell forward due to speed.

that last clip was insane, lovely video! that treyflip bail looked like it hurt almost as much as the one that hit you in the nuts :wink:

Yes I like that. That 14 set was really biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig.

awesome :slight_smile:

sick riding. bails were big:P

hilltop hoods = one of the best bands ever!

somebody sponsor this kid, i see big things. sick video man. loved it all

kelly H…might have some competition pretty soon…


thanks guys!

haha i liked that one Justin about kelly hickman. He has nothing to worry about, his style of riding is so smooth and solid.

Hopefully ill be able to get the big rail in my next video, i know where i messed up at so hopefully my next fall wont be so bad.

DUde that was so sick! I loved the flip off the huge ledge and the curved rail.

14 set was huge! get it bra. lol.

no fear! sick vid.

sweeet as jacob… so good. loving the 180 and flip gaps/drops… nice grinding too :slight_smile:

uhh i think its more “no common sense” hahaha

When I watched this video the first time with Pat and we saw the 14 set we were like damn that’s huge. And then we remembered someone else who hit a 14 set, so we searched youtube for like 15 minutes to find that it was Brent Garret. Then we deduced that it could possibly be the same rail that you attempted because Brent Garret was riding with you xD. Is this true, or was that a lousy piece of detective work? :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: Oh, and awesome video. You’re really coming back into the sport with a bang.

ahhh someone notices:D

I was by myself that day actually, i hit that rail cause i got handrails down not but a week ago so i believed that i could really do it. I also hit it because i watched brents clip a few times and he made it look easy. Then i also hit it because it looks like a very forgiving rail for how big it is.

funny thing is that brent lives right next to me so we have always rode together so i got to see him progress. When he first learned rails he attempted a 21 set like this but by the time he got to the end of the rail he was going so fast that it was impossible to land it haha. The 14 rail was way out of my league for rails and i need much more practice before im gonna hit it again but i really do want to land it because grinding feels so much different than anything ive ever done on a unicycle.

I give you props for even committing to that. I wouldn’t be able to :stuck_out_tongue:

You guys have to keep riding and making videos :smiley:

haha dude it took me like 15 minutes to hit it, hopefully in the next vid ill have the rail down… if not ill have some good falls:D

that was sick! another great big street video. more of that please:)
the 14 set looks huge!

Wow you’re insane! How long have you been riding?

about 6 years haha

Good ass video … you had me at the credit opening. Very nice.
Ballsy riding there… I am inspired feller.
Love that garage bail/fall/repose.

DUDE i love you style and this video so much! it makes me feel funny because i can seventhflip, and a number of other tech trick…but haven’t flipped a 5!