Rail type seat posts.

Has anyone used this, or this type of rail seat post: http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=602 ? It seems as if it may slip and change the angle with strong upwards or downwards force

I have two posts like that, one is the primo post and one is the powerstick aluminum post. The only problem I have had is with the powerstick the rails can only get clamped in so tight and therefore they tend to end up at the back of the rails instead of in the middle. But once in that position it stays in that position.

Also if you notice it has grooves. I havn’t looked at the primo post that I have but I’m pretty sure those line up with grooves on the post so that it will lock it in place.

Thomson post is awesome, got one on my muni.

By looking at that link makes me wanna get one for DX. :smiley:

Well I’m actually in the market for a rail type seat post for my coker, I’m ordering the T7 handle so I need something to hold it on! I think for a coker the thompson might be a little bit overkill, maybe for my trials once I get a CF base though. Thanks for the initial info ntappin, it looks like this one will be a decent option.

What’s the advantage to a rail-type post?

The ability to adjust the angle of the seat for improved comfort.

the rails seat posts are mo stronger too i broked 2 normal seat posts before and traded for a rail type

the negative thing about it is that the KH addapter is really heavy.
and if you ride sif it will be inconfortable at the beggining but later you can make sif easly again

I had ordered the primo for my T7. It didn’t fit. The rails didn’t line up with the adapter grips. It may have been that both sets of the adapter chucks (included) were the same size, and the wrong size. Someone on the forum had a different problem with the primo, but I forget the detail, maybe it didn’t fit into the post tube.

Thanks for the heads up, I guess I’ll go for the KH rail post: http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=829