Rail trail riding breakthrough, discovered weaving.

Rail trails around here are flat, nearly straight paved pathways, 2 to 25 miles long. I had followed these trails before, but they are so flat and straight that they are not all that interesting. Recently they opened a 2.5 mile stretch of rail trail about 3 miles from my house and I’ve ridden the trail a few times on my Nimbus 36. It has been getting repetitive making 3-4 laps to get any kind of a workout.

Then I rediscovered my mp3 player, loaded it up with a few Led Zeps, ELOs and a Def Leppard hit and went to ride the rail trail. I hadn’t felt comfortable with the music playing when riding the street since it masks cars approaching from behind, but on the rail trail there are no worry of cars. The music playing is a big plus, but that darn flat path remained too easy. So now I’ve added swaying back and forth within my half of the trial. I end up turning back and forth similar to how those inline skaters weave. When I get near folks I straighten out until I’m well passed. It must look a little weird but I’m having fun trying to weave to the rock beat. It increases the work out, and is a blast.

It’s been so much fun, that even with the extra effort needed to sway, I’ve well surpassed my single outing distance record, going 23 miles today. The added movement seems to have post phoned my knees getting sore from about mile 10 to mile 20.

Is this weaving thing a common way to roll?

I don’t think it is, although personally I think whatever motivates you to ride and ride more/harder, well that’s good.

I’m easily amused, so flat trails don’t present the same level of challenge for me that you highlighted. While I haven’t yet been weaving, I have been trying to mix up my flat trail riding by focusing on increasing my speed, and on finding the riding stance, seat position, etc. that lets me do that. I used to ride with only my right hand on the handle, and in a very upright position. Now I’m practicing a more forward stance, with both hands on the handle and legs pumping away. To help judge effectiveness, I try to find flat trails with east-west orientation, so I can ride away from the sunset and watch my shadow. This helps me see how much “wobble” I have, with less wobble being a sign of greater spinning efficiency.

But I ramble. Weave away…or do anything that helps keep you from being bored.

Well, I must admit I really like weaving too!
Of course not on 24" it’s not enough fun yet, but on 36-er… man, I do weave a lot! :smiley:
I think it’s because I really, really love doing turns on 36-er! – it’s way different than turning any other, smaller unicycle. I love that feeling!
It’s a bit like carving in skiing – the fun factor is quite comparable I think :sunglasses:

Hello Tom, A spinner I am not. I linger around 10mph max, and I can feel myself holding back in fear of going faster then I can run out. I admire you brave spinners, it must be such a thrill to speed about on a wheel.

About wobbling, I have to say, a guy along the trail monday remarked how he watched as I stopped weaving, reached down for the handlebars (both hands), and I sped off with a perfectly straight track. I know that if I think about it my track wobbles more.

Hello j-n, Yeah, 36’ers are made to turn in addition to going distance. I had mainly enjoyed those banked circles up until last weekend, now this weaving is interesting. For some reason it seems easy and safe to do, still I have room for improvement. Glad you spoke up, I was feeling alone.

Just so it’s clear, I’m not talking about wobbling the wheel back and forth with each pedal stroke. For me, I get up to speed, turn right go a full wheel spin or two (I didn’t count), then turn left and repeat. Ideally one would bank more than turn, but it seems to take waist and arm shifting to assist the turns. I find rock music inspirational in the keeping a regular weave pattern…

We have lift off.

Just wondered…if people come up behind you, can they get past you?

Hello Stephen, I’m careful to only use my half of the trail, so they can pass. I’m not sure they like passing the crazy dude zig-zagging along, but no one complained. When I know they are coming, I straighten out and stick to the far edge of my side.

I have a carrying case with a built in speaker that will carry my iPod…so I can listen while still hearing the cars…tom

Damn, I hate to say it but I do this on my moped … riding flat out at 55mph can get boring lol and this makes it so much more fun!