Rail Riding Trick

Hi There.

   Anyone who's ever tried to get onto a handrail or other object like it unassisted has had more difficulty getting onto it then actually riding it, I'm sure. The same has always been for mer. Up until today. I figured out a way to climb up onto a rail and raise your unicycle onto it unassisted by any outside objects except your unicycle. It's easy and works well.

Here’s how to do it: Find one or preferably two support poles for the rail you wish to ride. Rotate your unicycle wheel so that the pedals are vertical. Then, place the unicycle on the rail so that the rail fits between the crank and the tire. The tire should rest on the pole(s) and you hsould be holding the frame close to vertical. Now, pull on the seat so that the tire is pressed against the support pole and the crank is pressed against the rail. Continue applying this force and then just use the seat and frame of the unicycle as a support for climbing up onto the rail. It’s that simple! Once you’re on the rail you simply stop pressing on the seat and the unicycle ocmes loose and you can lift it up onto the rail and mount and ride:) .

Happy rail mounts. Also, please post if you’ve already heard of this method or have a better one of your own. I think I’m the first, but I very well could be wrong.

Cool! Would this method work with the KH cranks that have the nub on the inside?

Congratulations, I know how frustrating mounting on round rails can be. My method is to put the uni up there first, put my right foot up at about 15 degrees to the rail (I find with my shoes I get the most control this way), then stand right next to the rail, and step up. Then I static mount the rail. I never do rails skinnier than my tyre unless they’re below about nipple height. :slight_smile: