Rail riding on a 2.125 tire?

Hey,I was wondering what everyones thoughts were about riding rails on a smaller width tire,esp. the 20x2.125 tire I have on my torker DX.

I’ve been doing more skinnie riding lately,and the other day I tried to simply ride off the last 6 inches of a hand rail,and my tire wouldnt even stay on for that.But,I found a 2" diameter metal pipe that was a good 9 feet long,that was somwhat weatherd,and not so slippery.I can ride the length of that usually 3 out of 10 tries.I’ve got it only about 3 feet off the ground,but its still scary to ride with my little crappy tire.
Im just wondering,how much easier does a real 2.5 trials tire make rail riding?Is it still pretty hard,or is it considerbly easier?Because railriding on this small of a tire just plain sucks.

Im evauntally going to get a complete trials uni,(wich will result in another stupid “wich uni?” thread)but for now im sorta stuck with the DX.Any tips?

This is definitely a question for Andrew Carter… the rail riding master! He’s always extremely helpful, so I’m sure he’ll respond to this thread once he sees it.

I’d love to see video of your progress, if you have the capability… that rail riding stuff fascinates me! Anyway… best of luck!

If you wanna upgrade your dx to a trials, get a qu-ax rim(when UDC gets em in) or get a Kh wheel set. the frame supprts 2.5 with ease, and the cranks are just as strong as most hte others.
try riding on the little place anywhere grind rails, tehy are flat and low. thats what i practiced on.

Edit: or you can ride on the rail road even lower.(i have some next to my house walkin down there litterally takes minutes, cept its still used, ghotta watch out:D .

Yeah,im pondering that…the only thing is money,that stuff.

I’ve done those flat grind rails,I think im pretty much past those,its just round rails that im sucking at.

Done rail roads too.:smiley: We got a whole stinking train station right next to us.

No video…I have a picture though.

EDIT why is it easier to do it slightly downhill?

double image thing.jpg

All you have to do is keep the tire straight as opposed to pedaling it and keeping it straight, its like the hill does the pedalling.

I disagree with your sig, on a sidenote.