Rail riding observations...

I found a really great railing to ride today. I’ve set myself a really really difficult challenge (for me anyway) that will most likely take about 2 years to complete. You can see the rail here - http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/albuu61/Round_Rail - but that’s only about a quarter of it and it continues around in a tighter curve.

Anyway, I observed some intersting things today when I was attempting to ride the last bit of it. Freemounting , and even standing (without the uni) on a rail like this is a real challenge for me. The fact that’s it’s round seems to make more of a difference to the freemounting experience than the riding experience, for a start. Also, I found it easiest to balance when my foot was at about 30 or 45 degrees to the railing rather than perpendicular. The problem is my shoes are shaped so that they seem to want to lock into place at 90 degrees to the railing.

But the main thing I wanted to mention was that I found it easier to balance with my second foot in position on the pedal rather than free to swing around. Is this a common feeling amongst rail riders? What I seem to do with rails this size and height is place the uni in position while I’m still on the ground, step up with my right foot, wriggle around for a while like some sort of uncoordinated acrobat, slowly place my left foot on the back pedal, maintain balance mainly by moving my right arm up and down, and then mount.

What sort of techniques do you other rail riders use, and what have you observed?


Hi Andrew,

I saw your post and immediately went to see your advice. When I saw the degree of difficulty that you are talking about, it leaves me in the dust. You’re awesome! Way to push the envelope! I’m still workin’ the 2 X 4 on edge, 6" off the ground. Go, man!


Uh… I’d really like to help you but the smallest thing i can ride on is like 10cm (about 4 inches). How the hell can you do that?


The question seems complex, but the answer is simple. Avoid the balancing on the foot and go straight to the mount. You need to do a flying suicide mount. Anytime you need advice, I’m here to help. :smiley:

This is meant to be a joke, but from what I’ve seen, you’ll probably take my advice and master the move next week.

Seriously, I’m in the same league as Tmorningstar. Good luck with your efforts.


Thanks, but I said the whole rail is a big goal of mine…I can’t do it yet. I only went from here to here (see attached image).


I haven’t done any rail riding of that caliber, but do you bail off something that high and skinney?


Re: Rail riding observations…

I now realize why Andrew is so good. He is a VERY SLOW rider. As we can all see, he takes over 2 years to complete just this one rail.

I could do that rail several thousand times over a 2 year period. Secondly, because he is down-under, he actually is hanging down from that rail, probably with a very sticky tire. :smiley: And we all thought he was just a good rider.

A comical, --chirokid–

So I guess when you ride rail as skinney as that you got to do it slowly :slight_smile:


That is so nuts Andrew~!! What are the bails like? Do you usually just slip off to one side then land on a pedal and then tip over?



Today I finally got my sixsixone 4x4’s. Now with gloves(to prevent road rash on my hands) and a helmet and the sixsixone’s I’ll be fearless. Tomorrow I’m going to this wall to ride a lot. (Skinnyyyyy)

Re: Re: Rail riding observations…

That’s some great riding AC. I wish I could ride a rail like that. Actually, I’ve never tried.


Thanks, but as I said in antoher thread, I’d love to see Dustin and that Julien guy doing rail riding since they can stillstand for about 5 minutes. They’d be really really good.

The majority of the ‘bails’ are just hops off to the side when I lose balance or controlled falls. I’ve only had the tyre slip under me a couple of times. It’s really not very dangerous.

I had another couple of attempts of ‘the green rail’. There’s a new photo here - www.unicyclist.com/gallery/albuu61 . Nothing special, but it shows some more of the rail…it’s a great rail. Today I didn’t get much further along it. I had an audience and I didn’t want one. I guess that’s always goign to be a problem with unicycling though. The were all really nice people but I just wanted to practise on my own. It takes a lot of concentration for me to even stand on the rail without the uni.

Tomorrow I’m doing a trials demo with some bike guys I met and after that I’ll probably attempt ‘the green rail’ again. Wish me luck!