Rail hunter frame

I dicided to sell my koxx-one rail hunter frame, because I’m currently sponsored by Impact, I still have my k1 carbon frame and I need some money for unicon ^^

Its still in pretty good condition I think (for me^^)
Price: 120euro + shipping cost (I don’t know how much it will be but I live in Belgium…)

Pos about the frame:
awesome looking
Extremely nice when you have lots of flat tires or want to switch wheelsets :slight_smile:
it only take ±20sec to get the frame of the wheelset

neg: Its more heavy than impact :stuck_out_tongue: so for spins I recommend impact frames more… but its awesome for big street and trial :wink:
(weight: 630g i think…)

is this still for sale?
would you ship to australia?

fwoooohhhh!!! i love this frame! i wanted one so bad, but i was sketchy about ordering from k124 after everything everyone said about it…it looks so nice!