Rail Fails

What’s happenin’ forum? :stuck_out_tongue:

[watch in HD]
Just a quick video I made from Brandon’s rail attempts a couple of days ago.
In the end, he went through two tubes, about 5 or 6 spokes and one rim :roll_eyes:

Pretty successful day I think :smiley:

P.S. - Make sure you watch the video he just put out! Its EPIC :slight_smile:

yea Brandon :stuck_out_tongue: thats commitment!

that first rail makes me hard <3

That, was awesome.
I like your rail fails.:o:D

Favorite part: “Yeah tires are real pricks”

Man you ride fast into your rails.Try jump up more instead of out and you wont be so tucked,nice rails though i wish i had them where i live :frowning:

Me too! I went to the city to do this. The city is about 1 hour and 15 mins away so I don’t go there all the time. The 9 stair rail (The slightly shorter one) was where Jagster lives about 20 mins away from me. Thanks for the advice because sometimes I do always get so tucked and I can’t grind properly.

Just watched it. How many times have I heard that song!
Anyway, can anyone answer my question? When I’m grinding I often twist/jeer to the right so that when I land I end up landing with my unicycle turned 90 degrees so I can’t ride out straight. Why do I do this? A perfect example is at the end where I pop my tube. I landed on a 90 degree angle. I was thinking I may aswell just 180 out of it but riding backwards out of it would be difficult because I come down with so much force that it’s hard to control.

I couldn’t agree more. I watched that part about 6 times.

Well ive done this and it happens more on small rails for me.i think its because i dont commit enough to leaning over it on small ones cause i dont need to.I never have this problem with bigger rails so maybe you just need to lean over the rail more

Hey Brandon, sick rails, and love the commitment you have on them. If you’re wondering why you’re turning right, its because after you hop, you’re shifting to get your pedal on instead of actually hopping sideways to get on the rail and straight above it. It happens to me sometimes when I grind on my back foot too. Just go to a skatepark rail sometime and practice getting over it more. Also, maybe try riding up with like 4 revs instead of as many as you can take. I mean I love the style you have going into them full speed, but give it a try and you can still get the same speed, but might feel like you have more control. Either way, keep hitting them big rails!


Help greatly appreciated. I know it’s the best advice because it’s coming from one of the greatest grinders in the unicycling world. I could not stop watching your videos when I first got my trials unicycle about 2-3 years ago. I will try riding up to the rail with less revs and see what it does. I just ride up really fast into rails because it feels awesome I guess. I will certainly keep grinding rails, as long as I can find some more!