Rail Brackets on unis...

Hi, does anyone out there use a rail bracket on their saddle as opposed to the regular style seatposts? If so, do you notice much difference? Does it make holding the saddle out front any less/more comfortable? I have a KH seat, so I think only the Kinport ones Unicycle.com sell will fit, so if you have one I’d especially like to hear from you! Thanks a lot!

I use a Kinport rails adapter with a Thomson seatpost and CF saddle, but I’ve tried it with a KH saddle too. I like it. It means you are able to use fat bicycle seatposts such as the Thomson, which is expensive but light and strong. A bit of extra front tilt is good, to a certain extent. I think the difference is negligable compared to how much you could spend setting up a new seatpost and rails adapter. Another option is to put washers under the front seat bolts to raise it a little. Someone has suggested bending the seatpost plate thing but this could weaken it. I think the Kinport adapter fits more snugly on the CF base rather than the KH one, which is more curved. It fit’s relatively well but maybe the new one Kris Holm was talking about will fit better. It’s up to you, if you’ve got plenty of money then I reckon go for it, otherwise don’t worry about it until you snap a regular seatpost.

I just got one today from Darren Bedford. I use a KH seat and after about 2 minutes of riding my reaction was !!! I’m not that experienced but the difference in comfort was noticable immediately. You’re sitting on your butt rather than being “cradled”. I love it .

Cheers guys, I think I’ll give one a go and see how it turns out!

I have…

I have put it in practice recently firstly by tilting Savage saddle.
The saddle instantly become less savage.It was suggested to me Mike Hinson.It took me some 3 weeks to put this suggestion into practice.BLESS HIM. Since ,I have bend several sit post to various angles and attempted various other tricks along those lines.
It definitely improved my perception as I sit more positively on my butt and replaced pressure on the twins by additonal useful feed back sensation from the croutch area.:smiley: