Rail adaptors

Hey all!

I just ordered a rail adaptor from UDC for my muni. What are you opinions on them? Worth the money? Do they make a difference? I am going to use a Shadow conspiricy ‘lean’ seatpost with it.


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I’ve got one muni with, one without a rail adapter. The rail adapter one is angled back more. Can’t say I notice much difference, they’re both KH seats, both equally comfy. The rail adapter felt funny at first, but now I’m used to the handle being at a funny angle it doesn’t feel much different at all. I don’t like the rail adapter angled seat it so much for hopping, but I don’t hop much on that uni. Not going to bother upgrading my other muni, cos it doesn’t seem to make much difference, I think a carbon seatbase would make way more difference.


It may or may not be public information, but it seems that the up-coming -in August - UDC 36" Nimbus will have a new uber-rail seat thing, with built-in GB4 style handles and rear pushing handle/rack. I’m not keen to get new angles, but love the idea of a longer, rigid handle and luggage space…

Let’s just say I’ve never coveted a seat bracket before.

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I ride a rail adapter on my trials and I say if you can ride without needing one dont get one… they come loose and all that trouble… but I like mine even tho its a pain in the @#$ so always tigthen up…

I find rail adaptors to be a big help with comfort. So much so that when I ride a KH saddle without one now I really notice the difference. It could just be my body shape but I find riding without a rail adaptor so much less comfortable.

I think now I’m used to the angle of the handle (not dangle) with a rail adaptor I prefer the position for rolling and sif hops.

I love rails. I have 'em on my KH, and they make riding a lot more comfortable, so much that I don’t like riding other people’s non-tilted seats. for trials the difference is negligible, but for long MUni rides there’s nothing better.

A must on a Coker.

Thanks for the useful replies everyone, it arrived THIS MORNING! Dam , UDC are quick, theyv’e got this mail order malarchy down!

I will be fitting it to my muni so I was looking for comfort over anything else. Now I need to wait for my seatpost to arrive (from a different shop) so I can whack it all together and test it!

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Just got an email from the girlfriend, The seatpost has arrived!
Looks like I have a fun night of testing ahead of me!

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