Rail Adapters?

Do those of you who use a rail adapter with an increased seat angle find a significant comfort difference for Muni and or Cokering?

^ Nice run on sentence eh? ^

grammatically, it’s not a run on at all, it’s just a wee bit long

i do find a HUGE difference w/ my seat tilted all the way back
takes a lot of pressure off the nuts

on a normal KH seat, not tilted, i barely fit into the U shape, and i kinda hang over the front

w/ a tilted back (on my muni), 'tis much more comfortable, most of the weight is on your bum, but still, if you hit a bump, it hurts more

Yes. Tilting the seat so that the handle is up rotates your pelvis and puts more weight on your butt rather than your crotch.

Huge difference for me. I dont chaffe at all when I have it tilted back compared to where it was before. Good weight dist through my soft butt and the KH saddle instead of straight through the hard pelvic bones into the middle of the seat.

And it really hasn’t effected my muni in any other way, than improving comfort. Which is a BIG effect.

SOLD :slight_smile: