Ragbrai 2007

Anyone interested in doing Ragbrai (bike/unicycle ride accross Iowa) with me this summer. The more the merrier.

Did you do the last RAGBRAI? If so, what was it like? How many unicyclers were there? Did you do the whole thing?


Definitely interested… doubt I’d be able to.

There are several unicyclers every year and they all ride with Team RoadShow. We are a team of unicyclers/jugglers/musicians etc that sometimes do street performances in the overnight towns. We had about 30 people last year but only one road unicycle the whole way. Every person to ever complete it on a unicycle rode with Roadshow or as part of Team Kamikaze before Roadshow split off from them.

People to go the whole way on unicycle so far are George Barnes, Aaron (barnes?), and Kai Martin. People to go part of the way are Jesse Shumaker, Ryan Alley, Mike Matula, and James (last name forgotten.)

Let me now if you want to join up. We have a cool bus and are based mostly out of Ames, Ia and Stevens Point, Wi.

Two unicylist friends of mine and I are all planning on riding it this upcoming year.

Actually what got me wanting to do it was that earlier this year a friend and I unicycled the Hilly Hundred in Bloomington, IN, and plenty of people asked me if I was the guy that unicycled RAGBRAI earlier in the summer. Sadly it wasn’t me, but it did cement my decision to do it in '07.

If you don’t have a support group/bus shoot me a PM. We’d love to get more unicyclers riding with us this year. Kai (the guy who did it the last couple years) will be doing it again and hopefully onewheeling will as well.

PM sent.

Hey team roadshow. We tried to get in touch with you a few times through the emai laddress on your site’s domain name and your contact form (but it was broken :sadface: ). It looks like my teammate Joseph (Joseppi on these forums) and I will be riding our 36" unis in ragbrai for the duration of the week. Hope to see you guys out there. :slight_smile:

Joseph and I are officially registered. Look forward to seeing you there :slight_smile: