Radio show in Orlando, FL doing interview this Monday!

A local radio show in Orlando will be doing a phone interview with me this coming Monday, 2/11/08, and will be broadcasting it on their radio program(s) the following Saturday.

There are two am stations:

WFLA 640 am out of Orlando. Broadcast will be Saturday 2/16/08 at 6am (EST)

WBZT 1230 am out of West Palm Beach. Broadcast will be Sunday, 2/17/08 at 3pm (EST)

They also will stream it on their website.

You may need to register to enter the site, but it’s free, quick & painless lol!:stuck_out_tongue:

PS: I will be doing a BIG plug for!!!

I’m close…ish

Terry is a one-man publicity machine!

That should be exciting. Unicycling on the radio… :roll_eyes:

Are all these media mediums contacting you, Terry?

Yeah they apparently contacted me after seeing the Masters athlete thing:

Maybe I should have you on my morning show too…

How about a whole Uni-themed show with LOTS of forum members. :smiley:

that sound fun

it must be a big radio or he must be able to idle on a very small area:p :smiley: :wink:

great publicity Terry. you have had a LOT of exposure, how do you find deals like this all the time :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually they found me lol! But their regular theme, both radio and their website is about “older” people, hence the name of their website: “”.

I’m going to lobby for a Uni-Themed show on Oprah or something! Anybody want to join me? All you young riders can do the really cool tricks, and I’ll just do a really big drop off of a plank 15’ high into a big vat of tapioca pudding…or cool hhwhip!!:smiley:

Terry, when is the promo tour coming through Seattle? We have McCain, Clinton, and Obama in town now, but they’ll be gone by Sunday, and the press will be looking for the next big thing.

Haha. :stuck_out_tongue:

Family Guy.

Yeah, my favorite show of all time!:smiley:

I’ll do a drop off a 15’ high plank onto my face for Oprah. She always gives her audience such cool gift baskets. Dr.Phil is an ass. You should see if they would let you on American Idol.

Yes, if only to be called “Dawg” by Randy, and “You showed your true spirit and made it your own” by Paula, and of course, “That was bloody awful” by Simon!:stuck_out_tongue:

Then finally a chorus from all three: “you’re too freaking OLD to be on this show, now get the FU##K OUT!” :roll_eyes:

Then finally a chorus from all three: “you’re too freaking OLD to be on this show, now get the FU##K OUT!” :roll_eyes:

You shouldn’t take that crap from them. Just be really defiant and let security do their job. I mean, Paula would be quite the hypocrite for saying your too old for that show.