Radial 360 Coker airfoil rim upgrade. re-use the spokes?

Anyone know if the original ‘Radial 360 Coker’ spokes are likely to work with the Airfoil rim?

I’d like to remove the steel Coker rim and put on the airfoil rim, re-using the original Radial 360: extra wide UDC hub and spokes. I played with a spoke length calculator and saw different spoke length between these rims, but I don’t understand the tolerance in the results or have any experience.

I’m considering trying to follow the tutorial for the wheel build. But if I should buy new spokes I’ll skip the build and buy a built wheel.

The airfoil rim and udc superwide hub work perfectly with a four cross spoke patern with the stock spokes. I have built two wheels myself useing instructions from a site called G-Sport it has great photos and easy to follow instructions. I liked it better than Sheldon Brown’s. The instructions are for a 48 spoke BMX wheel with a four cross but it’s the same with 36 spokes. He does a thing with crosing the spokes under the third cross and over the fourth but you can just cross under the fourth. I say go for it!

And just to be sure because I was refering to the original coker not the Radial the spoke length for four cross udc super wide hub and airfoil is 14 3/4"

Hello Tellurider, Thanks for the information, and the encouragment. I’ll also check out the g-sport wheel build details.

That g-sport site is a realy nice “how-to”