Radial 360 36": Maiden voyage

Well the UPS guy set my Radial 360 36 inch wheeled unicycle on the porch, and when I opened the box I was filled with excitement and fear. The wheel, and its nice fat road tire, is just unbelievably huge. OK, so it’s the same as a Coker, but the biggest wheel ever in our den was my KH29, and this new big wheel got "Wow"s from everyone.

After the requisite seat-post cutting (I’m 5’6" tall…er…short), I mounted, then practiced a couple freemounts and then took a couple spins around the 'hood.

Today, I finally got it out on the open road. I wobble just after mounting, but once I get going, mmmm. First time I’ve really had wind in my face and momentum in the wheel since I started unicycling, because I don’t bike for exersize anymore.

The pedals are not too grippy, but that’s no prob, in fact kind of nice as I’m learning the intricasies of this new cycle. The wide UDC hub makes the wheel look and feel solid. The seat is surprisingly comfy with no mods, so that after a 2.25 hr ride my taint is only marginally sore.

I had a route in mind that I used to road bike, a beautiful combo of farm roads and woods road, with rolling hills. I’ve never had time to uni it on smaller wheels, since it’s about 21 miles. On this maiden voyage for my new big wheel I managed to do it in 2.25 hrs. Not exactly a blistering pace, but I’m happy with that speed on my first ride of this beast.

Only thing of note, I was trying to accelerate across an intersection and took a fast, but normal forward UPD. (This was not a slammer like the “helmet breaking” thread). I landed mostly on my palms which were well protected by wrist guards, and banged/skinned my right knee. My knee was conspicuously not protected by my knee-guards, as they were home in the coat closet.

Despite the wipeout, which was no fault of the uni, I’d give the ride a 9.5 and the uni a 9, especially for the price.

It seems easily upgradable, ie a Stockton wheel someday.

Congratulations Steveyo! Thanks for the maiden ride news, I’ve been waiting to hear your news.

Guess I’m gonna have to start wearing my wrist guards on street riding.

My 360 won’t be in until Tuesday night. Imagine, UDC shipped it the same day I ordered! Wow!

Please tell more about the shortening of the seat post. I’m 5’7" with short legs, ,wear about a 29" inseam jeans. I’m prepared to cut the seat post, and possibly an inch off the frame. Do you think I’ll need to shorten the frame?

I don’t think so. I used a pipe-cutter and took off maybe 2.5 or 3 inches from the seatpost. Make sure not to remove too much - the lowest the seat will go and still clamp in tightly is just below the taper in the seatpost.

Thank you Steveyo,

It’s good news that I might not need to cut the frame back. Thank you for the info. I had noticed the taper in the picture and ordered a non-tapered seat post and hex wrench seat clamp so I can lower the seat to the max.

There should be great weather upstate NY for Cokering this holiday weekend. I hope you can enjoy it.

Ya you wont need to cut the frame, i can ride a coker with a low seat post and I am only 5 feet tall.

The Coker is nice. Especially the ‘360’ with the gel saddle. It’s the first uni that I didn’t have to go out and buy an new seat for immediately. I’m gel’in when I’m riding a unicycle.

When I took it out of the box, I actually wondered if I had made a big mistake. It had been a year since I’d seen Brian’s Coker, and I never rode it. I’d forgotten how huge that wheel is.The size of that wheel is impressive and it scared me a bit.

I did shorten the seat post and an inch of the frame. I measure 23 inches from the center of the crank to bottom of the seat flange. I could ride it easily without shortening the frame, but getting another half inch lower seemed to really improve the comfort. (If you ever shorten a frame, be sure to lengthen that slot in the neck. )

I’ve ridden the beast around the block. Yeah, it’s a beast like Steveyo said. It’s big and it is heavy, even compared to the 28" Sun. But it turns out that riding it is a pleasure, the momentum really makes for smooth ride, seems to take less effort that those smaller wheels on level streets. I’m still shy of the beast, but it wants to cruise.

The biggest problem for me is that I haven’t figured out how to free mount it yet. I’ll work on that.