Racing Vs bicycles?

I’ve competed in several MTB races on my unicycle. A couple of 12 hour events, couple of road events and couple years worth of a local, short race, trail series. In all cases I never finished last. However, I’m in pretty good shape and the folks I “beat” were clearly not in the best shape but just happy to get out and ride. For me I approached each event not to beat any bikers but to achieve some time goal. Still, it’s nice to not finish last! :slight_smile:

On the topic of MTB races with bikes, munimag should chime in here. He’s done some pretty serious MTB races on a 36 in the Gaithersburg MD area. He is an excellent rider, though, and in really good shape. Actually quite an inspiration for us “dads”. I bet you he didn’t lose the race at all. He probably came out ahead of a lot of other riders, but he’s definitely a-typical compared to most of us.