RaceFace Indy Leg Armor

So I bought these last week but finally got to test them out extensively today!

This armor is much beefier than my old KH pads. At first, they restricted my movement but after crouching down a couple of times and stretching them, they felt great. They go up a lot higher on my leg, which is where my KH armor failed. In some situations, the KH pads would peel down and expose my knee. It likely would have happened again today but RaceFace saved the day. I had a few gnarly falls, but the impact was really lessened by the pads. They completely cover your leg but the back is breathable so its great. I felt really confident on the trail today, and they saved my butt several times. I couldn’t recommend these enough. It was hard to find them for cheap but pricepoint.com sells XL size for about 40 dollars. A great alternative if you feel like KH armor isn’t big enough!

These are the pads I use, too. I washed them first to wear in the knee joints, and they have been very comfortable. I don’t have anything else to compare them to, but so far they have held up really well. They do get kind of hot, but I guess that is true with any leg pads.

I use the race face all the time and love them… they’re bulletproof… very comfortable… no sores - no chafing - but they do not protect the back of my leg as well as the 661’s or KH…

I agree the mesh backing isn’t as thick as it could be, but it has sufficiently saved me from a few pedal bites already. My legs are too chunky for KH armor to protect my whole leg; my calf was really exposed while using them.