Race to the Top of VT, unicyclist spotted

A Friend posted this shot (in another forum) of Geoff in the Race to the Top of VT.

Congrats! sounds brutal.
Are you on here? anyone else know him?

a write-up:

His SN is “Kiwi In Vermont”

Congrats to Kiwi!
Great job.

Hey, great picture.

There were at least 3 unis in the race and I heard Geoff beat the other two by 20min and that his mother was a mountain goat!

This ride makes the paves hill-climbs seem tame. Amazing that the top mtbiker only beat the top runner by less than 1 min.

Geoff, what was your time?

What a great photo! As usual… Geoff looks like he’s barely working. He just might be the East Coast hope to beat Roland’s White Face record.

1:08 it looks like.


pretty amazing indeed!

Congratulations to Geoff and the rest:)

What was the distance and total vertical? I didn’t see it anywhere on the site.

4.5 miles, 2550’ vertical. Great job Geoff, Mark and Bill!

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Dawn, Mark’s functional other, sent me a link to a bunch of pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ridethelobsterqualifyingride/sets/72157607078570134/

Looks like a beautiful day and setting for such a serious painfest.

BTW, Geoff, you rode a slightly heavy machine for climbing (Torker DX24?). But it makes you stronger. Rock on.

When we lived in Colorado, I did a lot of hiking in the mountains. I never got into mountain biking but saw a lot of them on one of the steep access roads I went up.

On level ground, a bicycle is much more efficient than a walker, and can go much much faster. But as the route gets steeper, you start losing that efficiency. Once you get to the point where you’re not gaining anything from the bike, then you’re at a disadvantage because you have to tote yourself plus the weight of the bike up the hill. On the route I went up all the time, I’ve actually walked past mountain bikers who were riding. That was with some major exertion on my part, too.

If I remember right, I had one route that was about a 2000’ elevation gain that I could make it up in less than an hour, and another route that was about 1500’ that I made it up in about 39 minutes. In either case, that was wearing shorts, sneakers, t-shirt and breathing about as hard as I could the whole way, and walking at a good brisk pace on routes that I was very familiar with. On the 1500’ route, I tried jogging up one time. I jogged about a third of the way, and that saved about a minute off my time- definitely not worth the effort.

More power to these guys as they race, but don’t be surprised if a runner beats the riders on the right route.

Thanks everyone for the kind words :slight_smile:

That’s a great photo! (especially because they caught me when I wasn’t walking). Who took the photo?

It was a fun event on a perfect VT day. Mark Premo, Bill Merrylees and I raced in the Mt Bike category. We were supported by my wife Kelly, and Mark’s girlfriend, Dawn.

The toll road up the mountain is normally closed to everything but cars and this is the first time they’ve held a race up the road. The good news is they’re already touting it as the ‘first annual’ so if anyone wants to punish themselves and have a go at this . . . it’s a great excuse to visit VT . . .

Congrats for the strong effort.

It is good to learn about uni riders in VT. My family and I will be moving to the Burlington area later this year.

It would be good to ride with you guys sometime.


Kiwi: Here you are again.

From this thread, Photos by my friend “carbo” who was racing with you too.