Race Repot: 2011 Black Fly Challenge, 40mi dirt road race in the Adirondacks

Regarding other good setups for this race, Total Gear Ratio (TGR) is a useful comparison.

According to this chart my 26guni with 125’s has a very similar TGR to your 29guni with 137 (3.96 vs ~4.0). For perspective, other options for this race might include an ungeared 36/125 (TGR=3.66), an ungeared 29/110 (TGR=3.35) or a geared 36/165 (TGR=4.16). I rode part of the course on a geared 36/165 when it was dry and found it a pretty good setup, I’m not sure if the mud would make it worse, or if the big fat 36tire would just cut through it.