Race Face Leg/Knee protection

I have been wearing these Race Face Rally DH Leg Combi protectors every time I get on my unicycle for the past couple of months and i think they’re excellent.

I started off with a pair of Kona Stinky shin/knee guards, but soon pensioned them off and bought these. Race Face do two versions of these guards for knee/shin and elbow/forearm - the DH (downhill) and FR (freeride). I have the DH for my legs and FR for my elbows, the only difference from the labelling is that the FR have slightly less padding under the hard shell and consequently are supposed to have more breathable qualities.

The DH leg combi retails at £74.99 which is a lot of money for what you get, and if I were to have to pay that price I would probably shop around for discounted POC or other high end brand, but Chainreaction in the UK have them at £53.99. Well worth the money, these leg protectors are very well made with excellent fixings and great quality materials. They are very comfortable to ride in, so comfortable I often forget I’ve got them on and walk around for a while not bothering to take them off. They do make your legs sweat, but when you hit a breeze you can certainly feel it cool through the padding - so they breathe quite well. Protection is excellent, no bumps or bruises since I’ve started wearing these and the deep gouges in the hard outer knee shells testify to some of the heavy landings I’ve had whilst wearing them.

Overall I’d rate these 7/8 out of 10 and wouldn’t hesitate to replace these with another pair of the same when the time comes.

Forgot sizing. I’m 6’1" and the XLs are pretty much perfect for me. When I ordered them I was sent L by mistake and they were noticeably shorter in the shin so I would get XL if you’re around 5’10" and over and L if you’re under. You may find even the XLs a little short in the shin if you’re over 6’2", but then I’m sure you taller guys have all sorts of issues with getting kit big enough. The guards are sided which really helps the fit and comfort.

Shop around, I’ve just remembered that I bought these from Wiggle because they were cheaper than Chainreaction at £41.97 (40% off the retail price), but I bought the arm/elbow guards from Chainreaction because they were cheaper than Wiggle.

In real life.

look like these http://shop.foxhead.com/store/browse/productDetail.jsp;jsessionid=B4DEA1A9B61FBDCAEDB357F6CA587A81?productId=23757&categoryId=cat20152

You can see how a crappy product photographer can make an item look completely different than reality. Good review, I almost got a pair of these when I was initially looking at shin guards, but the bike shop only had one pair, and they were just a little bit too big. Ended up with 661 4x4 and I love em.

Before I bought the Race Face I looked for 661 4x4’s - having seen you and Terry wearing them - and couldn’t track them down in this country.

Oh yes, I think most of their market is in the US. So that would make sense.

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