Race face leg armor

So Working at a bike shop, I notice that Quality bike parts (a large parts distributor) Carries roach leg armor, in sizes small, medium, large, and xl. Since large’s have never been large enough for me, I figure why not try the xl? Large’s used to not be quite far enough around for my legs, and only long enough to cover from my ankle to the bottom of my knee.

The xl’s arrived today, and to my large suprise, they’re bordering on too large. They go from the lower of my ankle to the several inches beyond my knee. I’m convinced I could have the larges on under these. They also say race face on them (roach was bought out by race face, I think.). The straps instead of stretching to close (like happened on the large’s), they are almost maxx’ed out. So to anyone with really plus sized legs, both in length and girth, this might be a solution.

Also, the back now has mesh instead of nylon.

5 minutes later

After testing, I can indeed easily wear the xl’s Over the larges. it’s not even stretching the straps of the xl’s.

A picture of the difference.

you are correct, RF owns R

Never thought I’d say this before:

I will not buy this RaceFace product

Darn, I thought this was going to be about Face AND Leg armour. Oh, well. Lewis will be happy for the ++ size, though- thanx.


Thought I’d mention, after one trials ride I’ve so far found them to be quite comfortable. (compared to the old ones). ventilation is significantly better.

I went out for some muni action with Kyle on Thursday and he had a pair of the Race Face armor. I didn’t try them on, but they looked nice. They come up higher over the knee and I didn’t hear Kyle complain of them slipping all day.

Good Times… Mojoe