R-Town Freeride v2


Cool vid, as usual!

Thanks for showing some of the times when things go not-quite-as-planned. After watching so many videos where everything looks picture perfect - every time - it’s nice to be reminded that even the pros have to retry things every now and again. It also really highlighted how hard that move was, and that it wasn’t just a “throw away” bit added onto the jump.

Nicely done.

Those huge hops are amazing.

Nice hops, and that was an awesome crankflip…

Pretty insane

Yea… awesome as usual:D

Where is the best spot to ride where u live?
all I know is that when I went to Colorado… they wouldn’t let me take my uni up the ski lift to the top of the mountain…:frowning:

Well, my last two videos were filmed in Los Alamos, New Mexico. I was back there for the summer but now I’m up in Golden, Colorado for school. There are a ton of mountain biking trails that are quite fun but I know there is a lot I have yet to discover. Down in Pueblo, Colorado where Jacob Spera lives, there is some freaking awesome freeride on BLM land. :smiley:

This weekend I’m going to try to haul my muni up a 14er and ride down too, so we’ll see how that goes.

sounds fun
wish I could be there… school is to boring here in Kansas… Haha… we don’t even have mountains…I basically do trials until weekends… and then I can go to some cool mountain biking places…
Have fun on the long ride!

Great vid and awesome riding as usual.

I’m guessing they allow bikes :thinking:

If they do, show them all the other resorts that allow unicycles, and maybe demonstrate your skill on the uni and that you wear appropriate safety gear. What they are afraid of is you getting hurt and then getting sued. Snowboarders had the same problem at the beginning.

There are two ways to go about riding at a resort 1) buy your ticket all geared up (w/o the uni) then show up to the lift like you belong. 2) call ahead and make sure they’ll let you ride and persuade them, like above, if nessesary.

good to know

Yea…I have 661 knee/ shin pads… and they rent stuff… my dad acually called ahead and they said exactly what u said… they thought it was to dangerous:( :thinking:

Off the top of my head I know of riders who have ridden at Mammoth and Northstar w/o any problems. There are ~ a dozen others in the US that I’ve heard of people riding at that I can’t remember specifically.

If the above doesn’t work, if you carefully read the rules of what they do allow I bet you could force them to let you ride on a technicality. But unless you do something like I suggested they may then rewrite the rules to specifically disallow unicycles.