R.S.U. statistics for 2005

Even stranger, I apparently started the #1 thread from last year, and I almost never start threads myself! :astonished:

Clearly it’s quality that really matters. :slight_smile:

What about us lurkers? My stats would have been higher but I like to keep my mindless drivel to myself.

That should be rewarded. :slight_smile: Though, ultimately, I need to make unicyclist.com work for everyone and whatever needs they have as unicyclists… chat, new unicycling information, or whatever, it needs to suit every unicyclist. Ideas (and code) is more than welcome!

Wow… I can’t believe that… I dont post THAT much…

That must be it. Klaas’ statistics are just wrong. That’s the only answer… A glitch in the system, it must be.


Gilby dear, I must agree with you on the need to reward those who control their mindless drivel.

I’m afraid, however, that I must disagree with the structure of your final sentence. According to Strunk & White, Rule #9, “the number of the subject determines the number of the verb.” The subject in your sentence is “ideas”, but I think you let the parenthetical “code” throw you off. As a rule of thumb, the best way to check a sentence like that is to remove the parenthetical expression and see if it still works. “Ideas is more than welcome” clearly doesn’t, but “Ideas are more than welcome” does. Another way would be to leave the expression but remove the parentheses: “Ideas and code are more than welcome.”

Had the subject simply been “code”, it would have worked. “Code is more than welcome.”

Gilby, thank you for creating and maintaining this fine forum. Klaas, thank you for your annual effort to compile and post this great information.



Klaas, you posted more than me this year…what a fluff artist you have become. :wink:

Klaas, thanx for putting this whole lot together for us again. It’s a wonderfull annual read. You provide a valuable service to the Unicycling community.

Hah! Beat you, I managed to go down to number 11!!

Now what the fun in that?
Mind you, that’s what Just Conversation is there for.

i feel quite gratful without trust

some wires string strong with no lust

other times for lack of must

You say!

Re: R.S.U. statistics for 2005

On Sat, 7 Jan 2006 03:21:11 -0600, Klaas Bil wrote:
> It would be interesting to further split the number of posts into
> e-mail list and Usenet news.

Wouldn’t the Path: header help with this?

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MA, you can parse my sentences anytime.

And, yes, thank you Klaas for the fine work.

Thanks Klaas. Nice work, as usual.

interesting. im not even on there.

You’re on position 28.

That is indeed how to distinguish between posts from the e-mail list and posts from Usenet. The problem is, however, that QDNStats has no option to process Path: data. And to sift through 63456 posts manually was not an option. Chances are, however, that I can do it next year. And then I’ll include a retrospective graph spanning six years.