R.S.U. statistics for 2005

OK, I’m done. Newbies may not have known but anyone’s posting behaviour on Rec.Sport.Unicycling has been closely observed over 2005.

  • Wonder who was the number 1 poster to rec.sport.unicycling in 2005?
  • Want to see whether the newsgroup has again become busier?
  • Which ones were the longest threads (with links to them)?
  • Is “tom” the commonest name for unicyclists?
  • Find out about your own posting behaviour (includes ALL posters this year, but the more you posted, the more types of info are available).

All this and more to be found at

Useless but fun!

Ha! I’m not the top poster. I do have a life.

Thanks for the work in analyzing and presenting the stats. The forum certainly felt more busy (in volume of posts) than last year. Your stats show that it was at 174 posts per day on average this year compared to 141 posts per day on average last year. Those 33 extra posts per day add up to a lot, or they at least feel like a lot.

Even more than the difference of those two numbers, as not every poster is a registered forum member.

Re: R.S.U. statistics for 2005

> That’s quite a lot of dead/unused accounts!

It’s a dangerous sport…



interesting. thanks klaas bill.

that web site dosn’t work for me:(

Did you remember to exclude the brackets <>?

oops-i-doodle :roll_eyes:

Thanks Klaas Bill, that was great.


I’m number 15 top poster! cool…

Thanks for compiling this every year, Klaas. There is always an addition that is interesting. I hope you still have time to ride.

wow thanks. that was fun to read

wow im number 50 i think thats almost beter than being #1

Wow, I managed to stay out of the top 100 this year. JUST , I was 104 for a change.
Thanks for doing that Klaas , always an interesting little round up.

third place, yesss!!

dont be to sure about that…though you are not #1 this year, you still posted more than last year’s 1321

so far there hasnt been a repeat offender two years in a row, you came very close.

Re: R.S.U. statistics for 2005

“unicyclepa” wrote in message …
> wow im number 50 i think thats almost beter than being #1

I wonder what the stats are saying about me;

Semach.the.monkey (666, 6);



HOORAY!!! I made it into the Top 10!!! That’s a first for me!!!

Hey, I’m getting better at limiting my posting…down to number 9.

…hmmm, now was this really a neccessary post? :wink:

Thanks Klaas, this was a nice surprise as I wasn’t expecting you to compile all this data this year.


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