"R/R" my first online uni vid


Its not my BEST riding, but its what i had when I made the vid. I will work on a new movie soon, with bigger lines.

PS 1000th post with my first vid…woot woot… haha

yeah i wanted to edit that im the one with the brown sweatshirt and black t-shirt(the one who did the grab), but i was to late and didnt feel like posting again…and srry for those who were against the swearing in the music i didnt have a edited version.

I dug that, nicely done.

Thats cool, I like it!

wow, that was soo good for a first video. Awesome editing:)

Good job,


thanks a lot guys

its not my first video though…its just the first one that ive uploaded since i figured ou how to get the file to an uploadable size. ive been editing and watching other videos for tecniques that i like for a while

glad you liked it

~3 years on and off. but only about into trials for like 1.5. i dont ride all the time, i switch between unis and b*kes quite often and take long breaks from each to avoid boredom. i wish i was more dedicated to learn faster though

Now on Youtube

Wow! Very impressive i like the rev.

The hopping up the steps was incredibly tedious. As well as most of the Trials.

But the tire grab down the 5 set and the rev down the 4 set were pretty stylish;)

yeah i know the trials looked pretty bad. i have better stuff coming.

thanks for the input

Awesome dude. We should ride sometime this summer. I’m only 1-2hrs south of you now…I think.

EDIT: I have a house up in Lake George. There might be an organized riding weekend up there with a few riders sometime soon - I’ll let you know. That’s probably even closer to you.

Very impressive editing and riding. It looks like the slow motion parts are 60 fps, no?

loved it either way… I’ll be watching for more from you!

Yeah i think me and my friends might have a ride. He said his town is good so i am going to ride there to see if we should have the ride there rather than where you saw in this vid

glad you like it. as for the fps…idk. i have a crappy editor, that i just drag the slomo out to the length i want. i just go to what i think looks nice, and it works out, i think most of the slomo speeds are diff, watever i needed to fit that part.