R.I.P KH frame

It was a great relationship :frowning:

dude you have an awesome style, why i haven’t seen anything from you before ö
sucks about the frame man!

Not the coolest way to brake it… a bigspin?
It broke in a whole different way then mine… Cool video, but sad :frowning:

Thanks Wimperke.
Yeah, it was suppost to be a Bigspin.

That drop was nuts! and I got so into the video I forgot that it was about breaking your seatpost. I laughed hysterically when you just ripped it off and stared at it. I do hope that you can get a new one though, and it seems like you had some good times with it.

what is the tyre You use?!
blizzard form udc? or sth else?

sorry about the frame, I really like violet colour :slight_smile:

I’ll get a new one tomorrow. Yeah Pajda, you are right, it’s a Blizzard Tyre.

My KH frame broke in the same spot about a week ago!

sad vid, i like the editing.
and you have an asom style

all kh frames break at that spot.
apart from the one of casper, he broke it weard :s

if you haven’t already tossed the frame I’d take it off your hands.