R.I.P. Canadian Unicycling.Com

As of this morning I see that due to lack of time and resorces, the Canadian Unicycling web site has left the building.

Hopefully Brian will find time to continue contributing to Unicyclist.com and that in time he might be able to resurrect the Canadian site to it’s former glory.

Thanks for your efforts on our behalf Brian.

Yah I was excited when he was fist setting up but in the end do we realy need another unicycling forum and Canadian UDC vendor when we have unicyclist.com and municycle.ca?

As far as another forum is concerned, probably not. I feel we are well represented and welcome on this forum.

As for vendors. The market will bear what it will and that’s a chance anyone takes when going into business.

I was excited to see Municycle.ca appear especially due to the fact that they were located in western Canada, however at this point in time I am noticing that they seem to be somewhat of a clearing house for UDC’s left over older stock. Options available at UDC (notably on KH Uni’s) are not what is being offered at Municycle.ca. Hopefully updated stock will soon be available at par prices here in Canada and or the old stock will need to be reduced in price.

As much as I and my LBS appreciate not having to pay extra shipping / duty / brokerage costs from the states I am not happy with the fact that municycle .ca is not able to represent on par pricing and updated products for the Canadian market.

By the way how are things on the open road Eric?

Hello world from UDC Canada.

As many of you would realize starting a new buisness takes time to grow. We are not a clearing house for the us store & very little of our product comes from the US instead it comes straight from the factory. Our pricing is developed to be as close to the US store as I could make it, also taking in different factors that exist for doing buisness in Canada vs the US.

Our KH stock is all the 2008 stock and we have been selling so well that we do not need to clear any thing out. We basicly never had any 2007 stock…

Please be patient and realize that with each shipment & month we are getting more stock & products, so that we can become like the long established store in the USA. We are proud to announce that we worked out accessing magura brakes and many other products just this month. Our options on the KH products are basicly the same as the US store, Our prices are only a bit different then our sister store - to reflect the higher taxes on importing cycles to Canada.

Please also talk to me if you have concerns – my email or phone is available on the web site – In stead of posting broad comments about our pricing send us an email about what products your specifically concerned with, I can look at it an email you back. Harley please communicate with us if you are fustrated.



I will appologize to Pete and Municylce.ca here on the public forum for suggesting that they might be a clearing house for UDC and mentioning broad comments re: pricing. A reference point for this comment was in regards to crank arm and peddal options on the KH 29’s that were in stock at Municycle.ca that appeared to differ from UDC stock model KH 29’s at that time.

I should have made this apology prior to Pete having to respond to my original post as I saw shortly after making it that his current KH stock is up to date in both options and competative pricing.

Pete; please continue to do what you are doing for the Canadian unicycling scene. You have my support.


On the bright side, that’s not the only unicycle vendor in Canada so it’s not that the sport’s died out :slight_smile: