Qx rims & tubeless

Hi! Quick question to tubeless guys over there: does anyone know whether Qx rims are tubeless ready? Any feedback on actual Qx tubeless setup?

I think Qx series and RGB rims are the same, aren’t they? I have one of both series so it’d be great if both could be used to set up tubeless wheels.



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I have the QX 27.5+ uni, and I’m sure they claimed the rim was tubeless compatible - but I can’t find anything now that says so.

It was no problem to mount the original WTB Bridger tire tubeless, but it wasn’t usable for actual riding. It burped out air and sealant too often.

Then I set it up with a split inner tube liner, ghetto style, and that has been trouble free for a few years now.

So I would say that it’s “almost” tubeless ready. Maybe with a different tire it would work OK, but not with the WTB Bridger.

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I’m pretty certain they’re tubeless ready. I had a puncture in my tube last summer on mine and it was sealed around the bead well enough that it was burping air when I hopped. So even though I wasn’t running it tubeless it was still sealing up like it was.

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Thanks for your replies! I’ll try and set it up and let you know once that’s done :slight_smile:
(Probably in a few weeks!)