Qx muni 27.5 inch disc q-axle

What’s everyone’s opinion on the QX MUNI 27.5 INCH DISC Q-AXLE unicycle?

I’ve been learning on a cheap Sun Classic 20 inch that seems a bit to short for my legs. I’m 6’1 200#. I was researching the Ninbus II 26" when I came across this 27.5" QX.
I’ll mostly be riding on a gravel road and around my 10 acres. Maybe some trails in town around the park.

In my mind, it’s a great unicycle. Nothing negative to say. Excellent price/performance ratio.

I simply don’t get why Qx doesn’t have a 26 anymore…
I’m not convinced about the real advantages of the 27.5 format, I’m still thinking the difference with 26 is not enough to make a difference…
Tyre volume and tyre construction+thread pattern make more differences imho.

Here’s my next question for you guys. I’m learning on a cheap used Sun 20"er. Would it be worth jumping up to a nice unicycle with brakes or would something like the Nimbus II be the better choice? I’ll be spending most of my time riding in the grass and on a gravel road, with occasional trips to the mountain bike trails at the lake. Or vacation. In my mind, by the time I spend the money on a Nimbus II I might as well go all in.

Nimbus will be enough for the start definitely, but sooner or later you’ll want more and brakes will be useful, so if you are already into unicycling and you know that and you have the money for something better, go for it. If not, buy the cheaper one but keep in mind you will want to change it in some future.

My brother just got a shiny new santa cruz with all the bells and whistles. He’s been riding b*kes for years and races in a couple of states, so he’s pretty competent at it I suppose. He said he doesn’t feel any difference at all between 26 and 27.5. Showed me 2 wheels side by side and there was a .5 in difference between the 2 wheel sizes. Even the company said they only built it with 27.5 because nobody is buying 26… it’s all freaking hype. Expensive hype. Even still, once something catches it’s hard to stop it, so you either move with it, or get left behind. I can understand why Qu-Ax just went with it. There are no other 27.5s out there yet in the uni world, so maybe they were trying to capture that market. Plenty of tire choices out there now, so I don’t think it would be a problem to have one, but it’s pretty much a 26.

Does someone know what the Qu-ax 27.5 wheel/tire actually measures? Just curious, because the 3" Duro on my 26" actually measures 27.5". I’m wondering how much difference there is.

from a couple of charts I’ve seen, 27.5 tires run from about 27.1" for a 2.1ish tire to 27.8" for a 2.4ish tire. It’s hard to dig up a straight answer. Depends on tire pressure.

The 27.5 is closer to a 26 than a 29. ERD is something like 25mm difference from a 26" and 36mm from a 29er.

I would bet that the 3" 26 tire would be nearly identical to a 27.5x2.3 or 2.4. Get a lighter, thinner tire with about the same diameter with the larger rim.

The numbers: What’s called a 26" or 650d tire has a 559 mm rim diameter. That’s the bogus nearest-metric equivalent to 22", which is what we would call that rim if it went on a car or truck or motorcycle.

27.5" or 650b is a 584 mm rim, which is actually 23", exactly one inch bigger.

29" or 700c is a 622 mm rim, 24.5" in car/truck/motorcycle style.

So yeah, the 27.5 is closer to a 26 than a 29 as juggleaddict says.

A 26" Duro would be 28" actual rolling diameter (22 + 3 + 3) if Duros were really 3" but they aren’t. Mine measured the same, right around 27.5".

Fro, here’s something to think about: A year from now you’ll be a different unicyclist than you are now. If a 27.5" tire suits you now for the trails in your area, there’s a good chance you’d happier on the same trail on a 29" not far down the line.

I’ll suggest getting basic a 26" muni now, something like a steel Nimbus. Pull off the heavy Duro tire and save it for later. Put on a lighter Ardent or High Roller or Hans Dampf or something like that for now–the type of tire that’s being made in 27.5" size, which are all also available in 26"–and get started. You’ll have good options when you have more experience and a better idea of what kind of riding you like. (E.g., get a 29" Oracle for faster flow-y muni and put the Duro back on the 26", or maybe get a true 3" Surly tire, for more rugged technical riding.)

Whether the 27.5"/650b size is hype or not seems irrelevant to me - if it’s what the bike industry is pushing, then more tyres will appear on the market, while less 26" tyres will be available. On the world level dh and enduro scenes, no-one uses 26 anymore, and xc tends to favor 29". I can see a scenario where, in a few years, it will be really hard to find decent quality 26" tyres. I may be wrong, but I think it’s something to consider if you intend keeping a uni for a while.
Also, outside diameter is only one factor. Yes, 26x3 may be similar in size to 27.5x2.3, but a duro 26x3 will be much heavier than, say, a Hans dampf 27.5x2.35.

I believe the savior for the 26" wheel size will be fat biking- plus sized bikes to be specific. The industry seems to really be pushing both 26+ and 27.5+ right now as an AM wheel size and I think that is a good thing for unicyclists.

I’m still not convinced that 27.5 is here to stay the same way that 29er’s are…

I started out on a 24" Torker DX and 26" just wasn’t that different enough for me. For my next uni I ended up buying a Nimbus II 29" muni which I thought I would use for getting around town and light XC. Wrong! I find the 29" so versatile and maneuverable that I prefer it for everything now. I did some minor mods: Changed the cranks to very light Quax 125mm cranks and I swapped the heavy Maxxis Ardent for a much lighter Duro Miner. The Duro is still grippy enough (maybe not anymore with little thread left now) for the type of muni my skill allows. I’m also a bit of a slow learner, so brakes are still far in my future. Plus I can go down pretty steep hills without the need for a brake. I’m about a year and a half into riding now and I don’t see myself outgrowing the Nimbus for at least another year. In fact I may never outgrow it and keep it for a great all around does-almost-everything uni.

Well, I went all out and bought the QX.

Well done… looks great: dual holes crank, nice saddle… Great price. If I was you I would have been very tempted to go for that one as well.

i just sold a Strat so I had the money. I think I’ll get a lot of enjoyment and a good workout out of it.

Can’t outgrow that thing. : ) I ride singletrack with mine and it’s awesome. It’s just a workhorse, and I love that.