QX Disc brake - Bigger rotor

Hi, could someone tel me if it’s possible to put a bigger rotor to a QX uni? Cause the brake holder isn’t a standard one…

Yes! Just read this post (translation via google)
Long story short: there has been an issue with the position of the caliper. On many QX frames the PM adapter was welded in a wrong position. By uning a bigger rotor ans a custom adaptor it is possible to get the caliper in the right position.

Problem: (post 48)

Solution: (post 58)

P.S.: The brakeholder is standard, it’s just PM (Postmount) standard instead of IS2000 (used by KH)

Thank you, I wasn’t sure that the mount is a standard one (Postmount).

Thank you - i think this post is helpful :slight_smile:

So i just got my 36" with the same issue…

Btw it’s the new Qaxle 36"

Yeah. There was a huge batch of frames already produced when became aware of the problem. So it may take a little time until all old frames are gone and we can buy the corrected ones …
That said, there have not even been many riders who even realized this little offset.

I created a post about my uni…