QX 27.5 Versus KH 26 Muni

I will partially apologize right up front for the length of this review. However, if you are looking to spend the kind of money it takes to upgrade 1.5 inches, a thorough review is very helpful.
Today was my maiden voyage of my 27.5 QX Series Muni. I rode 6.6 miles on one of my usual trails at Oak Mountain Pelham Alabama. For those who know the mountain, I did Centipede and Jekyll & Hyde (black diamond). I have been riding a KH 26 muni for around 3 years now. It is stock with the 26 x 3.0 tire and the 150mm cranks and weighs in around 12 lbs. The QX series I just got has the 27.5 x 2.4 tire and 145mm cranks. It too weighs in at just over 12 lbs. Both unicycles have the dual-hole cranks. The 27.5 QX cost me less than the 26 KH did.
So here are the results: Mounting the QX was almost exactly the same. The amount of energy and effort needed to ride the QX 27.5 was almost exactly the same as the KH 26. What I could ride on the KH I could do on the QX. My logic behind that is that even though the cranks are shorter and the wheel is bigger around, the tire is smaller and lighter at the outside of the circle, so the energy needed was the same. Now, the big difference—was the speed. I could definitely tell a difference in the amount of ground I was covering. Mathematically, I am covering 4-5 inches more each revolution and with the shorter cranks, also pedaling a shorter distance. My overall time was better today with the QX.
What is different and I will have to get used to is the tire. With the narrower tire, I had to run higher air pressure. I ran in the 10-12 lb “nice and mushy” range on my KH. I had to run 15-20 lb on the QX. This will take some getting used to. With the bigger wheel, it is easier to roll over things, but with the higher pressure, the bounce/spring over obstacles is greater. I did take a couple of falls due to this change.
Now about the addition of a Shimano hydraulic brake: The jury is still out. Here are the pros and cons so far. PRO: With the extra speed and wheel size, I did notice it was harder to control speed on fast downhills. The brake, once I get used to it will be helpful (like on my QX 36er). CON: It is added weight. It means I’m not a purist anymore. I wiped out 3 times and the last one, in deep mud, meant that my brake rubbed the rest of the ride. (Now, there is a break-in period, so I may be able to align and tighten things so that doesn’t happen) Without the brake I never worried when I slung my muni in a fall, I just picked it up and kept rolling. So, for now I will keep trying it and see if I decide to keep it on there.
Overall, I made the purchase because I could justify it since my 15 year old son needed a muni and could have my KH 26. I was worried that I was spending a great deal of money for something that I might not even like or be worth the expense. It rides as easily and as well as my KH weighing in about the same. The switch was very easy. But it is faster! I really think I am going to love my new uni.
If you are considering the upgrade, let me know. I have a Quax rep here in the states who can hook you up—and for a much more reasonable price that a KH. Same quality-lower price—pretty much a no brainer. He can also get trials and 36ers for a good price. Quax with the introduction of the QX series, has come a long way and is now very much in competition with KH.

Geoff Wymer
Co-founder STOMP Muni Fest (6th year)
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To be fair… a 27.5 KH would have been the fastest (if you would have bought it) because of the larger tire diameter than the Quax 27.5.

Also to be fair… maybe use this thing for a while and give another review.
Then we can see real evidence about the quality.
Seeing as you’re comparing, how has the KH26 been for quality?

I’ve also used disc brakes on both of my 29" munis (Nimbus-inboard/KH-outboard) and have thrown them to the ground hundreds of times and have never sustained any disc damage. (knock on wood)
Hopefully your disc trouble was just mud causing friction.

The KH26 with the Knard is fantastic!! No problems with the outboard disc brake.

I’ve never tried the 27.5 wheel but I don’t think I will in the near future. My next wheel will probably be a 29+ Muni (KH probably)


Thanks for the comments.

–It has been a month now on the QX27.5 I am really loving the upgrade. As to the comments about speed, I did expect more speed, I had pretty much maxed out the KH26 even with a shorter crank length. I just wasn’t sure if 1.5 inches would make enough difference to justify the expense. A month in-I am loving my purchase. At this point, I haven’t quite beat all my best times, but I am definitely above my average. I am 5’8" so having tried the 29er, it just seemed too big for me on the trails.
–The brake has not given me any more problems, even with some impressive falls while getting used to the new muni. It seems to have settled in. I am getting used to using it more on steep downhills as I learn it on the trail. I love the one on my QX36er.
–My KH26 started clicking about 6 months after getting it. We have taken it apart several times and can’t figure out why (I work in a bike shop) The bearing, pedals, are fine. It isn’t in the spokes. We have lubed everything we can. We think it is inside the hub. It rides just fine so I live with the noise.
-One month in and riding the trails weekly, so 50+ miles on it already, and I really think Quax has risen to the standard with their QX series. I have had my QX 36er for a year and a half now and my rider friend also has one, and we love them. No problems AT ALL!
–I will update more as I keep riding.

(Come try mine at STOMP Munifest in October 12-14 in Birmingham AL)


Thanks all for the comments!!
–Today marks a month since getting the QX27.5. So, riding the trails weekly it has been 50+ miles later too. So, some updates:
–Yes, the KH27.5 might be a little faster due to the tire, but over $200 price worth of faster? I can change my tire out for way less than that. I expected to increase my speed, I wasn’t sure if the expense was justified though. At this point, I haven’t beaten all my best times on different trails, but I am definitely above my averages. I had pretty much maxed out the KH26 even with shorter cranks. I am 5’9" so the 29 just seemed to ride too tall for me on the trails. I love my QX36er on the road though. I am loving the QX27.5 though for Muni!!
–The brake hasn’t given me any more trouble, and I have taken some good spills while learning the new muni. I guess it just needed to settle in some.
–I am running my tire pressure as low as I can without rim pinching. I like the softer roll with less spring back. I still may switch the tire out for the 3" wide like I had on the KH at some point.
–As to the quality of the KH26–about 6 months after getting it, it started clicking. We have torn it apart several times (I work in a bike shop). It is not the bearings, the pedals, or the spokes. We have lubed everything. As best we can tell, it is inside the hub. It rides just fine, so I live with the click when I get on it on up-hills. Otherwise, it performs great.
–My QX36er I have had for one and a half years now and my rider friend has one too and their quality and performance have been perfect. Quax has stepped up their game with the quality of the QX series.
–I will update more as I enjoy my new ride.
(Come try mine at STOMP Munifest October 12-14 in Birmingham AL)


Enjoying my Muni

Hi Gwumer,

Thanks for the review.

For the clicking during climb, try to put some grease between the crank and the hub. It worked for me on one uni :slight_smile:

It’s funny, I bought my QX 27.5 two years ago and it came with a 3.0" tire. But now I don’t even see that option on their web site.

It’s been a great unicycle; I’m totally happy with my purchase.

On the new Quax #rgb Munis you can choose between different tires from 2.8 to 3.0 width for the 27,5.

My factory kh24 (2015) creeked bad after a month, I live 45 miles from UDC and they couldn’t figure it out. They ended up giving me a nimbus hub and I never heard the creek again. I believe the KH moment hubs had this problem several years ago.

The older KH Moment hubs consisted of multiple pieces pressed together and were known to creak. The new Spirit hubs are one-piece so nothing to move and no more creaking. The old Nimbus Oracle hubs were also press fit, not sure about the current ones.

Interesting hearing 15-20 PSI being referred to as high tyre pressure. Anything less than 30 PSI and my muni just feels like an unridable mushy sponge. I find 40 PSI to be even better.

Mud Ride

Thanks all for your input to this thread. We learn so much from each other in the unicycle community!!

Well, to be fair: this week I had a clicking sound with my QX, which told me it was past time for my 30 day tune-up. So, I re-trued the wheel, checked and tightened up everything yesterday. A couple of my crank arm bolts were a little loose. Of course some of the bolts on the bottom of my seat had started to loosen-always happens over time.

This morning, it was sprinkling when we headed to the park to ride before church. By the time we got there, the bottom had dropped out. We decided to ride anyways. We had a blast! The QX did awesome! No noises. The brakes started to make a little noise at first once they got wet, but 15 minutes later into the ride, they were dried back out and fine.

Fun fast mud riding picture!
No clue why the picture turned sideways?

You are coming to STOMP Munifest October 12-14, I hope, since you are so close?
We have a blast! Would love to see you there and get to ride together.

Hope you too can make STOMP Munifest. It is time to register and to order shirts.
pass along the word that we are also offering some scholarships to any students to cover the park camping costs for the weekend.


This is Dan B, the first one signed up this year

So Xcited that you are coming. I still can’t believe it has been 6 years since we started STOMP. It has grown every year and we add and adjust to make the event better every year. We will do the field competitions again this year. The giraffe race, the monster race, the 36er race, etc. It was so much fun adding that to the weekend. Getting Xcited!!

STOMP Muni Fest Deal from Quax!

Attached is a great deal on a brand new Quax 27.5!

So 2 years ago I showed up at the Stompfest with a kh24 and a kh29. I realized I needed something in the middle, due to my skill set. Since I couldn’t afford 3 muni’s I sold the 29 and bought a kh 26. Put a surly3.0 tire on it and never looked back. I running rim brakes up until 2 weeks ago, then I just add the disc brake. I believe I have the perfect muni now. Don’t make want a new 27.5 now. You’re killing smalls!

“Purist”-what are your thoughts?

Thanks everyone for all the comments.

New Thought/Question:

What do people think about being a “purist” when it comes to unicycling?

What do I mean?

Mountain bikers over time, as they become more hardcore, often (not always)“up the ante”
As their experience grows, they modify to challenge themselves more.
They move to single gear. Then they might move to rigid. They simplify their bike to increase the personal challenge.

I have always said that unicycle is the logical next step. We take it down to its most basic element-“PURiST”. The “purist” in me sees that as a seat, fork, wheel, pedals–the basic foundation needed to make it work.

Today, however, we have so many new options–schlumpf gears, brakes, multi-holed crank arms, and “handle bars”. It almost seems like we are moving in the wrong direction. All we need to add now, is a second wheel…OUCH, did I just say that?

I say it only in jest, but I do struggle with wondering what all we should or shouldn’t add to the unicycle, before it becomes to close to the bicycle??

I would LOVE your thoughts!!!