qustion ?

hellow im new to the forums but ive bean unicycling fore about 3 years now
im alright i guess but i know nothing about the parts of a uni i was using a koxx one isis trials crank but it bock so i need to find a new 1 and i live in Canada so the only place i can find to get 1 is in the uk :angry: so i was wondering if a kris holm isis crank would fit on the same hub thx

Apparently they do not fit. Try Renegade juggling or division8 I believe both of these companies are in North America.

Yes, both Renegade Juggling (renegadejuggling.com), or from divison 8 (I think it’s division8.ca).

Please, learn to spell.

thx man! Renegade juggling has them thx soo much :smiley:

Dont order it from Renegade only because you live in Canada and will get nailed with shipping most likely.

Buy from www.division8.ca or www.hbtrials.com.

Those are both places in Quebec so you will only get a regular shipping price…I would reccomend HBtrials…they have a ISIS Trials uni for $500 complete or a Street uni for $600 complete…

Hope that helped…


Thanks for the link to HB Trials Isaac. I wasn’t aware of that one. And yes Proextreem don’t order from Renegade if you can get what you need here in Canada. Duty and brokerage fees will kill you.

ya i no i was looking but none of the sights in Canada had the part :angry: i wish unicycling was moor popular so i could just drive to the uni shop and pick 1 up