Quote of the day (riders)

Like the other quote of the day (non riders) this is for the best replies. This way when people say a line we can use our common knowledge of he perfect reply. So give the remark and your reply, even if you only though of it later.

The most common remark for me is “can you do any tricks?” to which I reply “can your ride a unicycle?” or “isn’t ridding a unicycle good enough for you?”

Another one is “is that hard?” to which I reply “no it is a piece of cake, in fact because it only has one wheel it is half as hard ridding a bike” or “yeah, it is metal.”

So what are you genius remarks?

Whenever someone says “Do a trick.” I ask them to do one first. Or when someone shouts “Hey a guy on a unicycle!” I usually shout back “Hey, a guy on foot!”

Hmmm…I interpret quote of the day from “non-riders” to mean “not unicycle riders” rather than “not any kind of riders”, so practically every quote from passersby can go there.

I agree, however the point of this thread is not list comments from passerbys but rather what the witty reply to passerbys is. This way all the common comments such as “where’s the other wheel?” and “can you do any tricks?” we will be use the best reply instead of the same one over and over again.

I think this thread is a good idea, theres a lot of comebacks in the Quote of the day (non-riders) thread and this would be a nice place to consolidate them.

yeah well i reckon that we should deffinatley take some advice from this guy when someone ask’s you to do a trick http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=UMg44qXLaNw&feature=related lol or ring him up and ask what he would say!!