Quote of the day (from non-riders)

I was walking around the school today and i had at least 6 people ask where my Unicycle was, I guess I ride at school more often that I thought I did, It was pretty cool, one rather amusing comment was, “Where’s your Unicycle, Did you send it back to the Circus WHERE IT BELONGS!?” every capitalized letter is an emphasized word, My reply was “Nope just let my dog borrow it so he could show up the bear at the circus this weekend” they looked at me stunned then realized it was a joke and remembered I didn’t really have a dog and laughed so hard he fell over… that was fairly odd then I found out that he had taken about 2 vicodin before school for his ribs (he broke three of them falling out of a tree this summer.)

ok, so i got this one from a kid at school today, as i was riding over to go to work.

“Dude! Dude! I’m gonna trip you!” sticks foot out in front of my coker wheel



(me yelling back) “Hey dude, my 36 inch wheel will beat your 10 ounce foot anyday of the week.”

I was at the skate park the other day, and this guy on a downhill mtn bike told me to impress him… So I went and did a grind on a rail… a very short, badly executed grind (Hey, I’ve been grinding less than a week ;)) “HOLY 5H17 THAT WAS AWESOME!!!” Nice to know I can impress with the one street skill I don’t truly know :wink:

This always happens to me: I approach a group of kids, watching me, and I’m thinking they love the unicycle, but they always yell, “kin we pet yer dawg?”

Today, I’m riding home from work and a lady in a BMW SUV slows up next to me and rolls down her window. I’m thinking she’s interested in another middle aged working woman doing somthing a little different, commuting on a unicycle. She says, “that is the cutest dog, what’s his name?”

I love my dog, but he’s just a cow dog. He’s not like cuddly or anything!


Can we see a pic of your dog please?

bearing in mind this came from a little old lady whom to me looked to be at least mid fifty’s. “wow can i have a go?”
and she did, i was worried my pedals might chew up her legs off as in this instance with my feline friend
but she held on to a pole, mounted, fell and murmed a thankyou before slowly hobbling away with a new limp.

“can we name it charline?”

throught a conversation i was having.

and yes, it is now called charline

I was riding at the U of MN yesterday and got tons of comments like usual but one guy was loud and rude that made my day. I was riding on a ledge with a 4 foot drop on one side and like a 15 foot drop on the other and he was sitting smoking with some of his co-workers I think. Well as I’m riding he yells “Get off that ledge you moron, you’re going to kill yourself”. At first I thought he was joking so I just kept riding. Then he said “The police station is right across the street and I’ll call them, GET DOWN FROM THERE”. So I look at him while I’m still riding and say “Are you serious or just joking?” and smile, then jump down to the 4 foot drop and continue riding down some stairs…cross the stree and play around on some stairs over there, jumping down 2-5 sets for a few minutes while he watched. He didn’t look too amused but it sure made my day cause it made me smile cause he was so blunt and rude to me. I was just like whatever, take a chill pill man.

2005andCR 055.jpg

Aw, kin we pet yer dawg? :smiley:

An elderly couple gave me the biggest “Wooaaahh!” today.
Big smiles all round. I love it when that happens.
I also had some miserable git who gave me nothing. Not even a flicker of emotion. Not even when I made eye contact and smiled. “YES DEAR, I’M LOOKING AT YOU!”
Some people are just made of stone.

while riding in North Bay in the woods…

lady: …uhhhhh…Brian MacKenzie?

me: yes, how’d you recognize me??’

lady: I know your mom, I have your movie

oh, also in North Bay, while out at midnight racing around on my Schlumpf, and tim on my Coker…

truckload of idiots: “do a wheelie!!!” “do a wheeeeeeelieeeeee” “P**sies!!!” [truck drives away]

Funny how all the brave people who throw insults at you are always driving away at high speed, isn’t it?

funny how you don’t appear to be fishing at all, mister!

I have a laptop by the side of the lake.
And no, it doesn’t have photoshop on it.

I was riding a few days ago and I rode past this lady and she just tried her hardest to pretend I didn’t exist, I even made Eye contact and said something like I lost my other wheel can you help me find it, she didn’t even smile or frown or say anything, it was like to her I didn’t exist, that pissed me off but then I rode past a group of girls about my age and they were like “that is awesome”, and as I rode away I heard a few of them shout “We Love You!!”, then a guy in a truck about five minutes later threw a McDonalds Cheese Burger out his car window at me and yelled, “AHole, Get a f**** Life!!”

dude, did you eat the cheesburger?? I wish people gave me food!!
(just kidding)

the other day i was riding and some kid said something along the lines of "dude, you need to ride that thing w/ the seat up your a$$%ole … i laughed at him

then right after that some girl idk came up to me and said that i was her hero and she loves me, that was pretty coool!

also, people tell me that their younger siblings think that I am amazing on the unicycle and that they look up to me… thats a scary thought

rode to 7-elleven and back, lady howd you learn to ride that. ME practice, you whant to try. lady H**L no you want me to kill my self. ME to my self that be nice. :smiley:

heh. the cart guys at safe way “DUDE!!! SWEET!!! I wanna try! pleaseeeee???” “um ok?” dude, im gonng eat sht" ya prolly, so he tries and eats sht lol

hahahaha, oh man that is classic.

I would totally do that to the people who jump out in front of me to try and scare me while I’m on my 20", but I’m too nice.

ya know, not to be prejudicial, but it seems to me that non-english speakers are more likely to comment on us riding by, whether to us or to each other. anyone else notice this? I notice that hispanics in general are far more likely to gather out on the balcony watching me when one of them sees me and calls the others over…

PS… whats the spanish word for unicycle? any other languages?