Quote of the day (from non-riders)

I have to say that’s the first negative comment I’ve had, usually it’s all positive and encouraging. May be the fact that I’m 6’2", weigh around 17st, work in security in the local pubs at weekends and fought for Scottish boxing titles at heavyweight and super heavyweight helps discourage the negativity most of the time.
Thankfully idiots like that are a definite minority group.

Chugging up a long hill, I passed an older couple riding a tandem and congratulated them on their wheel to rider ratio.

The man, who was in front, said to me in an Asian accent (he sounded Japanese or Korean), “Are you the piano tuner?”

(Just to be clear, the Unigeezer lives a couple miles away).

My goodness, Terry’s penetration into the non-unicycle world is staggering. Not only do these folks, who’s first language is not English, know who he is, but they know is occupation. Amazing.

That will teach you not to wear fedoras…

So I was weaving round a white fan that was very helpfully parked at the bottom of a (non-road) uphill path. there was a guy walking a dog next to it who I noticed a little bit too late, so I just shouted ‘On yer left!’ then when he saw me I quickly said I won’t overtake till he’s past the van.

As I rode past, he laughed and said 'What the F***‘s that?? Crazy!’ I said ‘The best core workout I’ve ever had, that’s what’, and sped up the hill (Steep enough to have the segment name of ‘cardiac arrest’ on Strava) :sunglasses:

Fedoras? I’m probably dense, but I don’t get the reference.

The reference is coming from this commercial the Unigeezer did:


I’m not sure if I can claim this one or not… I checked the time, and I was just finishing up a ride in the park at that point last Saturday, and I certainly UPD’s a few times, especially in the form of some “that’s not going to work” abandoned freemounts late in the ride where fatigue set in.

But it could have been someone else…

Were you unicycling across the lake ?

Wow. He’s nearly unrecognizable in that commercial. I’m so used to him in his regular get up. Never wore a fedora, and I guess I am not going to start now.

I had a good ride on Saturday and had a strange matching set of comments. In 28 years of riding, I’ve had very few penny farthing comments, if any. However, I was out on the 36 and:

A cute little girl (about 6 ish) said, “Look, Mummy, he#s got a penny.”

Her mum, presumably thinking that her daughter had not understood her own joke, clarified, “Yes, he’s got a penny farthing without the farthing.”

Then a few miles later a bloke said, “Hey, mate, you’ve lost your farthing.”

Then towards the end of my ride a cyclist muttered something that sounded like, “Penny for your thoughts.”

Figured there would be more hikers on Labor Day but went anyway. Not only that, there were many multiple dog walking packs. Most without leash. The best of them grab hold of the dogs but it always unnerves me. Anyway, as I come around a corner and discover the fifth group with dogs along my ride I say out loud, “What is this, Dog Day”?
I ride past the group who were coming up the hill as I was heading down. They somehow managed to grab both dogs on the same side of the path which allowed me to continue.
Then I hear the girl from the group say, “What do “you” think it is, Unicycle day”?
I thought for a second and said, “Yea, everyday is Unicycle Day”.
Thank You.

Well, on an actual “unicycle day” on NYC’s Governor’s Island, while riding paths some ways from the festivities I had not one but two separate instances of tourists asking “where do you get those?” in a tone that implied the answer should be one of the rental concessions.

I pointed them towards the try-a-unicycle corral…

Even though my 32" doesn’t put me quite as high up as a 36, I got a “how’s the weather up there” from a passing bicyclist yesterday. (I answered that it was nice, which it was.)

Funny, sincere WYOW

i was taking a few pictures of a beautiful waterfall on the trail when this lady said “Aw, your poor bike, so sad”. It took me a minute to realize she was sincere. So funny!

So I’d just hopped off about 10 seconds before - turned a corner walking on the pavement (the lights here take about 400 years to change, so I just hop off, walk round the corner then hop back on - faster than standing in traffic!). There was a pub across the road, and three proper typical pub blokes were stood outside. One of them shouted over, ‘Go on mate, show us how you ride it!!’ I said not yet - there was a crowd of teenagers in front of me. He said it’s alright! do it anyway! I was like… no. Kept walking, starting to catch up to teenagers. A younger kid runs up to me from in front of the teenager group, says, ‘Can you ride that!!! Go on! Show us!!!’ I said, no not yet - its pretty fast and I don’t wanna hit the teenagers in front. He starts asking the usual questions, I’m chatting with him. The teenagers hear us talking and turn around, and of course, ‘Go on! Show us! Ride it!!!’… :angry: Three seperate people telling me to ride it in over about 30 seconds. Bloody hell.

By then it was getting quite dark - I’d lit my uni up, even turned on my rainbow wheel lights! :smiley: I decided to take the main road home, as I’m not sure how the off-road tracks are at night (in terms of weirdos hanging around). Came up to a fairly odd-shaped junction - the sort that could probably use a roundabout instead of the assortment of traffic lights. My lights were red, so I slowed down, and crept towards the lights. Success! They changed just as I got close enough to the bike box. Once I was through the junction and the road widened, a cop car pulled up next to me, and they were slowing down and winding the windows down. My heart sunk a bit… Did he think my red light technique was unsafe? But the passenger cop leaned out, and shouted ‘Well impressed mate, that’s brilliant!’ :smiley: So there, even the cops don’t mind me riding on the road :sunglasses:

Great interaction with three mountain bikers I was passing going up a hill today. “Does two wheels mean we are only having half the fun” . Well said I say.

Night Rider

The kids and I like to go to the middle of town in the evening and take advantage of the brighter lit areas as the days are getting shorter. However, one place that we love for its many obstacles (e.g. stairs, tables) is in a more dimly lit area and is fairly secluded. It has a large flat area as well on which we practice riding backwards, etc.

The other night the 5 of us were practicing on this flat area and decided to join hands and riding in a circle, break off, come back and do it again – sort of a 5-pointed-star. It’s easy, but looks pretty cool to on-lookers … all of a sudden, from way across the street, 6 floors up we hear “hoots” and lots of applause. A bunch of people had been on their balconies watching the whole time.

We all just raised our unicycles in the air in a show of thanks…

Just got reminded of this from reading a thread about handlebars…

I was riding through a park-type area with bike paths round it. I went past a group of kids - one of them was doing the usual WOOAHH COOL YEAHHH AWESOME thing, and asked ‘how do you do that??’. He then looked a bit closer, went all sad and dejected-looking, and said ‘Oh… He’s got handlebars, that’s cheating, nevermind’ :astonished:

Yeah, what a cheater! :thinking: :smiley: LOL
I’ve had a couple of people ask where my handlebars were, and they’re right there! My hands are on them! WTH?? :thinking:

Today I got on original question: (from a pedestrian walking the other direction as I was just starting out) “Is that comfortable?” I laughed and said, “Not too bad.” For some reason the question really struck me as funny. :stuck_out_tongue:

When people ask if it’s comfortable, I say “nope”.

Similar to your handlebars story; I have a tiny tire around my seat tube for the arses who want to know where my other wheel is. They never notice that either, even though it is inches above the one they see. The only people who do notice it (and ask what it’s for) are those who are not in that group.